November 28, 2021

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Fortunately, the creators of Mafia III will not be kicked out after the game is canceled

Not a very ideal situation.

As we reported yesterday, publisher Take-Two “sinked” $53 million in its quarterly financial report due to the game’s cancellation from Hangar 13, best known for Mafia’s third installment and remake. lonliness.

They worked on an open-world science fiction game codenamed Volt, but that project had problems from its inception, which led to its cancellation. However, it was doubtful what to do with the study itself. Fortunately, sources within the Hangar 13 study told Bloomberg editor Jason Schreyer that the meeting went well, as the developers learned that canceling the project would not separate the developer’s authority.

The question now is what do we do next. The studio could use the assets they created for Volt to develop a new project, or perhaps they will now find developing Mafia Part IV as a good idea.

According to LinkedIn, Hangar 13 employs more than 340 developers across the Novato regions of San Francisco, Brighton and Hove in the United Kingdom, and Prague and Brno in the Czech Republic.

Source: Twitter

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