January 16, 2022

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Formula 1 – Max Verstappen has revealed that Toto Wolff has written to him

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New Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen has revealed that he has also received a letter from Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, who has remained pleasantly surprised.

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The Dutch champion admitted this in a short interview for the British portal Sky Sports. 2021 in F1 is already a thing of the past, but fans will remember his trajectory and especially his heyday for a very long time.

Controversial end to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, who finally decided to choose the new champion, brought a huge wave of emotions especially from the representatives of the German Mercedes team.

Although they managed to win the record eighth design title in a row, they still had a very bitter taste in their mouths. In their opinion, he was British Lewis Hamilton He unfairly turned out to have a record eighth championship with the controversial decision of race director Michael Massey in the final rounds.

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The shots of the angry Mercedes boss will remain especially unforgettable Tuta WolfeWho had something to do to keep his nerves in check and not wreck something again. His dissatisfaction and extreme guilt are also confirmed by the fact that he has not yet publicly commented on anything.

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However, new champion Max Verstappen has revealed that the Mercedes boss is still saying something. “He sent me a message saying that he congratulated me on winning the world champion title and added that I deserved it. It was really nice of him.” The 24-year-old Dutchman told Britain’s Sky Sports “After that last round, emotions were very high in both teams, but that’s how it is.”

Verstappen, who is already working during tests in Abu Dhabi, praised the size of Lewis Hamilton, who congratulated him on winning and winning the premiere shortly after the emotional climax of the season.

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton

Source: SITA

“Lewis is a really great athlete. Of course, he might ‘help’ you a little bit when you already have seven titles, which in my opinion was a little more balanced. If it were different, it would definitely be more painful, because I’ve never had a title before,” The stable Austrian Red Bull Racing rider intends.

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“But he came to me and congratulated me, and it must have been very difficult for him. It just underscores how much we respect each other. We both went to the limits of our abilities all season.

It was a pleasure to compete with him. Of course, there were tense situations, but I think it’s totally normal in a fight for a championship like this. Season is a thing of the past and we can finally relax. Well, it was really tight,” Max Verstappen stated.

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