January 21, 2022

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Formula 1 – Grand Prix of Russia (Results) – F1 2021

Today 15:46

Britain’s Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes claimed his 100th jubilee victory in the Formula 1 Formula One series cars at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday. Dutchman Max Verstappen of Red Bull finished second, while Spaniard Carlos Sainz finished third.

You can watch the Russian Grand Prix online at ŠPORT.sk >>

Seven-time world champion Hamilton is the first rider in history to win a three-digit number of F1 series victories. He scored his fifth victory in the current season, after which he reached the top of the standings. Current leader Verstappen loses two points.

The playoff winner, Norris, didn’t have a perfect start, being overtaken by Sainz in the first round. Otherwise, the start of the race was calm and collision-free. Verstappen, but also Bottas or Leclerc had to start from the back of the starting grid to replace the power units, but was gradually brought back into the top ten. Norris returned to first in Round 13 when he passed Sainza. The previous race winner, Ricciardo, also thought of the top spots, but his stop on lap 23 lasted too long and after that he was back on the track in 14th place.

After round 25, Norris continued to lead Hamilton and Perez, with Verstappen in seventh. The race received a fresh boost when it started raining in the second half. The current leader Norris paid for it, which was too late. His rivals already had rain tires at the end and Norris lost his first win in the end. He did not hold his singles case on the track, and gradually dropped to seventh place. In the end, Hamilton moved into first place with a huge lead over Verstappen II, who showed an almost perfect fighter flight.

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Sounds (Source: Sport2 TV):

Lewis Hamilton, 1. miesto: “Thank you to all the fans who showed up despite the change of weather. Also to the people on our team and at the factory. My neck hurt during the week, so I also thank our physiotherapist who helped me. I have looked at mistakes from qualifying a few times, to this day, I woke up feeling “Determination. I was very anxious at first, I didn’t want to participate. I thank the team for the boxing career, which was very important to us. Lando Norris showed a great performance today, he was very fast.”

Max Verstappen, 2. Mesto: “The conditions were very difficult today. The race was about waiting, and overtaking was difficult. The rain helped us. After the penalties I received, second place was very good. Besides what happened at the start, it was important not to crash.”

Carlos Sainz, 3. miesto: “It was a great start, we had a great time. Today it was all about tire management. The start came at the right time, and we went to the pits straight away. It all fit together really well.”

Russian Grand Prix (53 laps, 1 run: 5848 km, total: 309.7 km):

1. Lewis Hamilton (F. Brett / Mercedes) +1:30:41,001 hours

2. Max Verstappen (Hull / Red Bull) +53,271 seconds

3. Carlos Sainz (Šp. / Ferrari) +1: 02,475 minutes

4. Daniel Ricciardo (Australia / McLaren) +1: 05607

5. Valtteri Bottas (Fín. / Mercedes) +1: 07533

6. Fernando Alonso (p. / Albin) +1: 21321

7. Lando Norris (V. Brit. / McLaren) +1: 27: 224

8. Kimi Räikkönen (Fín. / Alfa Romeo) +1: 28955

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9. Sergio Perez (Mix / Red Bull) +1: 30.076

10. George Russell (F. Brett / Williams) +1: 40551

11. Lance Stroll (Cannes / Aston Martin) +1: 46198

12 – Sebastian Vettel (Neem / Aston Martin)

13. Pierre Gasly (Fr. / Alvatore)

14. Esteban Ocon (Father/Albin)

15 – Charles Leclerc (Mon / Ferrari)

16 – Antonio Giovinazzi (Tall / Alfa Romeo)

17. Yuki Tsunoda (Japan / Alvatore) all round +1

18. Nikita Mazbin (Russia / Haas) +2 shots

Not completed:

Nicolas Latifi (Can. / Williams)

Mick Schumacher (Nem./Haas)

Running order (after 15 races):

1. Lewis Hamilton 246.5 points

2. Max Verstappen 244,5

3 – Valtteri Bottas 151

4- Lando Norris 139

5. Sergio Perez 120

6. Carlos Sainz 112.5

7- Charles Leclerc 104

8. Daniel Ricciardo 95

9. Pierre Gasly 66

10. Fernando Alonso 58

11. Esteban Ocon 45

12- Sebastian Vettel 35

13. Lance Stroll 24

14. Yuki Tsunoda 18

15. George Russell 16

16- Nicholas Latifi 7

17- Kimi Raikkonen 6

18- Antonio Giovinazzi 1

19. Nikita Mazepin 0

20. Mick Schumacher 0

Manufacturers Cup:

1. Mercedes 397.5 points

2. Red Bull 364,5

3. McLaren 234

4. Ferrari 216.5

5. Alpine 103

6. AlphaTauri 84

7. Aston Martin 59

8. Williams 23

9. Alfa Romeo 7

10. Haas 0

Most wins in F1 races:

100 – Lewis Hamilton (F. Brett)
91 – Michael Schumacher (name)
53 Sebastian Vettel (No.)
51 – Alain Prost (father)
41 – Ayrton Senna (poo.)

Lewis Hamilton wins the circuit:

8 Hungary and the United Kingdom
7 – Canada
6 – USA, China and Spain
5 – Japan, Abu Dhabi, Italy, Bahrain, Russia
4 – Germany, Singapore, Belgium
3 – Monaco
2 – Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, France and Portugal
1 – Malaysia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Styria, Tuscany, Eiffel, Emilia-Romagna

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