January 21, 2022

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Former concentration camp guard, century, tried in October

He was charged with complicity in the 3,518 murders of prisoners … a century-old former police officer Camp Nazi de SachenhausenIn Germany, prosecutors announced Monday that a man accused of “complicity in murder” would be arraigned in German court from early October.

Neurup’s attorney’s office, which was already indicted last February, believes after receiving a medical opinion that “he can follow the investigation”, despite his great age. According to the trial, the trial lasted only two or two and a half hours a day.

He is suspected of being involved in the shooting of Soviet prisoners

The former police officer was charged with the “knowingly and voluntarily” murder of 3,518 inmates at the Sachenhausen concentration camp from 1942 to 1945. Oranianberg, North of Berlin. He was particularly involved in the “shooting of Soviet prisoners of war in 1942” or the “death of several prisoners”.
” The use of toxic gas by Zyglon P. .

Over the years, the SS has detained about 200,000 people in the Sachenhausen concentration camp. About 20,000 prisoners were killed there. “Many co-plaintiffs believe they get the same age and justice as the accused,” he said The world Thomas Walter, the lawyer for many of the victims as civil parties in this upcoming trial.

The intensity of German justice over Nazi crimes increased

In recent years, Germany has tried and condemned many former SS and extended the charge of complicity in the murder to the camp guards, explaining the increased severity, even though it was considered too late by the victims to do justice to it. According to the German media, ten judicial trials related to Nazi crimes are still pending in the country.

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In June, German justice interrogated a non-murderer who had been guarding a Soviet prison camp between 1943 and 1945 and was suspected of complicity in the murder. In late March, justice announced that a former guard of a concentration camp deported from the United States would finally escape trial in Germany for lack of “clear evidence.”