January 24, 2022

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Forgotten US Air Force plans: an underground base on the moon, protected by mines and missiles

A trip to the moon was something humanity dreamed of long before the Apollo program began. However, in the nineteenth century greats such as Jules Verne and H.G. Wells began writing about this dream, the portal wrote. space.

Their work in people aroused a passion that later turned into reality, and when the Cold War began, the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union became a real goal. Our natural moon was a great symbol of propaganda and progress at the time, well The military use of the moon was also considered.

US Air Force He wanted to be at the forefront of researchers in rockets and space units, which at that time would be a response to the Soviet Sputnik 1, which entered space on October 4, 1957. A year after the successful mission of Sputnik, the American general, Homer Boshey, commented as follows:

“He who controls the moon controls the earth. Our minds must think about this sentence carefully, because if it is true, and whether I think it is, then the United States must control the moon.”

As history tells us, the US attempt was ultimately successful As the first and so far only on the surface of the moon. However, the US space program may have looked quite different, This is evidenced by the canceled plans of the US Air Force.

Al Qaeda on the Moon in the 1960s

As early as the 1950s, the United States wanted to gain military supremacy over competitors by building a base on the Moon. In addition to military purposes, it was intended to study the moon and to deepen the exploration of the universe. Interestingly, as early as 1952, the American rocket scientist, von Braun, presented a truly ambitious plan for the conquest of the Moon. He planned to launch three large rockets into Earth orbit to carry up to 50 astronauts to the surface of our satellite.

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The landing of the first man on the moon, or in this case a couple, was planned for 1965. The US government wanted to start building the base as quickly as possible, transporting 220 tons of cargo aboard 150 Saturn missiles. It was assumed that as early as November 1966, the base would be ready for a permanent crew of 12 members.

The base was supposed to consist of living quarters, a science laboratory, a health and communications center, and a warehouse. Everything will be contained in metal cylinders, connected to each other in the form of the letter L, and the base will be located under the surface, covered with lunar material, Which protects it from radiation or meteorites.

The base was to be protected from uninvited guests mines or nuclear missiles. When the space program passed from the hands of the US Air Force under the supervision of NASA, that project fell into oblivion and everyone accepted the Apollo program. Today, the base on the Moon is back in play, although it would serve a more peaceful purpose. With the Artemis project, NASA, as well as other space agencies, will attempt to create a permanent crew of astronauts on our satellite.

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