November 30, 2021

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Forced without any other option.  Windows 11 stops allowing important change

Forced without any other option. Windows 11 stops allowing important change

The Edge Internet browser (formerly Internet Explorer), which is a native part of the Windows operating system, is said to be used only to download to the computer Chrome, Firefox or perhaps another popular browser.

However, now it seems that Microsoft is slowly but surely embarrassing our lives, Report PC Gamer. It is common practice to almost immediately set your “your” (best) browser as the default, so that all links clicked from any application begin to open directly in your preferred browser.

But popular gaming magazine reported that Edge, or a number of links across the new Windows 11 and native Microsoft apps, simply ignore these settings, and websites, such as OneDrive or Microsoft’s website, open stubbornly Microsoft fail which, despite every computer pre-installed, Uses Only less than 8% of people.

This behavior did not appear until the latest versions of Windows 11, when there were changes to the protocol and file associations in the default applications.

Especially popular are users who use, for example, the current news tool. It’s not entirely clear if this was a bug or an intent, but according to PC gamers, Edge immediately “begs” to be reset as the default browser.

Fortunately, there is always a solution in the computer world thanks to a few skilled developers. Daniel Alexandersen has already succeeded in producing a program called edge reflectorWhich simply forces your settings anywhere in Windows.

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