October 21, 2021

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For gas, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy threatened Budapest with retaliation

The gas supply route will bypass Ukraine.

Ukraine seeks full friendship with Hungary, but is ready for a diplomatic response if Budapest does not respect Ukraine’s interests. According to MTI, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmytro Kuleba announced this in Kiev on Thursday.

“Good Thing” and “Villain”

MTI cited a UNIAN report, according to which the Ukrainian minister called the protection of national minorities a “good thing” in the context of Hungary-Ukraine relations, but a “wrong thing” for the Hungarian agreement with Russia, according to which the gas supply route would bypass Ukraine.

“Ukrainian diplomats are ready to make progress in the field of education and protection of minority rights, where serious results have already been achieved,” Kuleba stressed, adding that the Ukrainian-Hungarian Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation has been postponed by the Ukrainian side due to gas supplies. Indefinite contract.

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the Hungarian ambassador in Kiev, Istvan Ogyarto, to clarify his position on the new gas supply agreement that Hungary signed with the Russian gas company Gazprom on Monday. On Monday, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry summoned the Ukrainian ambassador in Budapest Ľubov Nepopová to the situation surrounding the agreement.

Through Serbia or Austria

Hungarian Foreign Minister Petr Szyjjarto, in response to Kiev’s stated position after signing a gas supply agreement with Hungary, stated that Kiev’s measures to prevent the securing of natural gas supplies for domestic heating and industry were considered a serious attack by Budapest on sovereignty and nationalism. Hungary security.

Hungary will receive 3.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually from Russia via Serbia via the Turkish Stream pipeline and its ground extension, and one billion cubic meters of natural gas through Austria.

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