January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Flexie power adapts to every business

Have you noticed that there is usually a limit behind every energy savings promise? This is not the case at ELGAS. You can get gas and electricity for your company, operation or construction more advantageously. At the same time, you do not have to worry about keeping the agreed consumption volume. On the contrary, the new FLEXIE product will adapt to the current requirements of your business.

ambiguity As a long-term specialist in corporate power supply, it supports the business of its clients in all circumstances. The unpredictability of the situation is a difficult task for many companies in the field of planning and estimating energy consumption.

This is especially true in the building and facilities management sector or the manufacturing sector, where the epidemiological situation still has a significant impact on occupancy and energy consumption, for example in office space or in production processes. Uncertainty about consumption also faces sectors that are seasonal or weather-dependent, such as farms or fruit and vegetable growers. And also the entrepreneurs who are just starting in the market and thus will know their energy consumption after a while.

“Because entrepreneurs have to adapt to market situations or unforeseen circumstances, we respond flexibly to the current needs of our customers with our energy supply conditions. Thus, our new product FLEXIE not only saves costs for entrepreneurs, but also frees them from all constraints and energy concerns. .,” says ELGAS Director Jeshina Henerova.

Electricity and gas are useful and without restrictions

new Flexi product It is intended for all companies and entrepreneurs who, for various reasons, cannot accurately estimate their energy consumption. It has simple terms and does not force customers to monitor their consumption, or to stick to a predetermined consumption of electricity or gas.

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“We will supply you with energy without the condition of allowing consumption above or below the agreed volume and without risking penalties (so-called TAKE or PAY) for one fixed price during the entire delivery period. The only condition is annual consumption of up to 1 GWh per year,” Jiřina Hinnerová explains.

Free electricity and gas distribution cost audit

At ELGAS, we understand that today’s businesses and entrepreneurs have to manage finances very efficiently. Our experience shows that many customers have yet to check their distribution costs, although these can make up as much as 60% of the total bill, especially for electricity. At the same time, large investments are not needed to reduce them, and even a small management change is often enough.

Therefore, if you choose our FLEXIE product to purchase electricity, Distribution Costs Review We will make you free. Not only will we determine the amount of potential savings, but we will tell you what needs to be done to reduce them. In the case of gas, we will check the suitability of the given distribution tariff set and also check the amount of the maximum daily gas volume.

Thanks to FLEXIE, you can save twice

When choosing a power supply, keep in mind that the offer of a power supplier contains many elements and it is not always easy to evaluate them correctly. This product is a solution for small and medium sized businesses who are looking for a simple and transparent solution with a reliable delivery guarantee. FLEXIE will allow you to save thousands of Euros annually not only by bargain shopping electricity a Gas, but also by saving distribution costs.

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