January 21, 2022

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FK eleziarne Podbrezová player Roland Galčík evaluates the second fall segment. league

PODBREZOVÁ. Autumn collection is unimaginable without it. Attacking player FK eleziarne Podbrezová Roland Gallock Popped in a Sportnet poll in the perfect 11 II. Leagues for all coaches competition.

The 20-year-old footballer revealed in an interview how his roles on the field changed after coach Skuhravý’s arrival and what he thinks he will decide in the fight for promotion to the first league.

I was the only player to include all 16 League Two coaches in the fall. What does this mean for you?

I was very pleased, it is definitely a motivation for more work. I didn’t expect that at all. I wouldn’t describe myself as a character, but I’m probably one of the best players in League Two.

Robert Polievka or Christophe Domonkos often answer the question of who is the best player in the second highest competition, but they also did not appear in all teams. What do you think about the fact that every coach just picked you?

As for my strengths, I have a good shot, good drilling technique, and have been successful in one-on-one fights. I think that is what was decided. I think this was the best half season of my career.

What do you think of the height of last fall?

From an individual point of view, it was definitely a match with Dukly Banská Bystrica. I scored two goals, I scored one and we won 3:2.

Podbrezová is on top of the second league, with the same number of points as Banská Bystrica. How do you see opportunities to advance to the top of the competition?

It’s balanced and it will be a struggle. There are so many intertwined teams that I wasn’t even expecting. Dukla and I came back, but I wasn’t waiting there for Komarno and was surprised by his hominid.

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It can also decide the first spring matches we play with Dukla and Skalica. Every detail will be important.

What are the strengths of your team?

Maybe because we score a lot of goals. In the end, we already had a few goals. The advantage is that we have a wide excellent work team. The coach still manages the squad, everyone has their own space. Nobody is angry, there is a healthy competition between us.

Podbrezová has been coached by Romanian Czech Skuhravý since the summer. How do you work with him?

I play well under this coach. I moved from left to right, playing more of the middle, but I’m used to it. I feel like it fits me better than before.

I had no doubts, I trusted the coach from the start. It was just a matter of patience.

Roland Galčík (Source: RG Archive)

What makes Roman Schohravy different from other coaches?

He definitely has a different mindset. When you have to be strict, they are not afraid. He brought a new style to Podbrezová, one we’ve never played before.

Previously, we always played on four defenders, but now we have moved to a system of three defenders. We play more offensively, we have more chances in each game than we had. It is more useful to us in the field.

How did your tasks change except that you moved from left to right?

Now it’s just that I don’t have to defend, but when we’re moving hard, I’m often in there. Now we’re pushing more per shot. I was more focused than before, and I didn’t have a lot of chances to score goals.

Skuhravý: Podbrezová is a great place, and players can only play football here

How do you like the second league level?

The competition has improved a lot in recent years. There are also bigger names and talented young players. For me as a young player, it’s a great competition.

There are very interesting matches between the top six teams, and I’ve also noticed that in preparation, League Two players often beat League Two players.

However, the league differs in that there are famous clubs, such as Slovan, Trnava or ilina. In the second league we don’t have a chance to play against such opponents.

For young young players, the second league may be better, because the first league can still be a big leap, but then it would be good to gradually move to the first league. It is of better quality and more people are watching it.

What are your football dreams and ambitions?

I would like to go to Spain or England. The English Premier League is the best in the world, there are the best players and the most watched.

In Spain, I love their way of life and their warmth again. I’ve been there twice, and now we’ve played there with Team 21 and I’ve seen how it works there.

Roland Jalcic in the national team jersey. (Source: RG Archive)

The Slovak national under-21 team in qualifying for the European Championship almost surprised the Spaniards, 11 minutes before the end you were still ahead 2:1 in Seville.

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Too bad we didn’t get at least one point. We put in a very good team performance. We managed to score the first goal of the first half, and they couldn’t level the score for a long time. Then we caught them again, scoring 2:1, but two controversial penalty kicks came in. After all, we are one They lost the match 2: 3.

How do you see the representation of under 21 years old?

I have the impression that more talent is beginning to be born in Slovakia, and it is better to work with young people. It is positive for us.

What was your trip to football?

When I was a little kid, I used to play with my brother in the garden. Later I started playing in our village where I came from. Later, I came to believe that I could become a professional footballer when I was fifteen, when I came to Podbrezová.

I was amazed by the conditions there for football. It was hard to leave my family, I was in boarding school. I think I handled it very well, there were other boys from Orava. When I was having a little trouble managing the separation from my family, we called and that was fine.

I knew that in Podbrezová they gave the opportunity to young people, I thought that this opportunity would come. I was 17 years and a few months old when I debuted in the Fortuna League.

Have you made any commitments for the new year?

Not real. I work hard all year long, so I don’t make any commitments.