January 22, 2022

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Five easy ways to make your business visible and more supportive

Five easy ways to make your business visible and more supportive

John de Simon, President of Herbalife Nutrition, identifies five critical ingredients, which are used by many successful independent distributors of Herbalife Nutrition to grow their brand, reputation, and business.

Connect with a larger community

Most likely, you live in a community that will appreciate the products or services you offer. Selling locally and to people you know may seem normal. Just knock on the door, send an email or SMS. However, many distributors are expanding their reach and developing successful businesses through the use of digital tools. Take advantage of the branching of online communities – you can start from your own community on LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchate and end up with industry groups.

“Whether you are starting a business or starting your own marketing efforts, start by connecting with people you know and people in your local community through multiple digital platforms and encouraging them to share their positive experiences with others. It is important that the content you create is easy to share, interesting, and address current consumer issues that can for your processed product.” John de Simon explains.

Source: Herbalife Nutrition

Involve your audience in a real way

However, not everything suits everyone. The content you share should be really interesting and should allow you to interact with customers along with being able to share ideas. This exchange can come in handy when you decide to launch new products or seek a promotion. Social media offers a variety of ways to participate, such as surveys, quizzes, questions, and responses. Use these tools to see what works for your customers and consider letting them comment on the next steps in your business – while you try to meet their needs!

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Spreading awareness from one person to another

Every client is valued, but those who become attorneys for your products are the most valuable. A happy customer talking about the pros of your product or service among their family and friends is a very powerful tool. Don’t forget to thank these customers for their support.

Source: Herbalife Nutrition

“If possible, use their short statements with their consent on your website or on social networks. Ask them to leave a comment on one of the many Internet portals that allow this. Satisfied customers are irreplaceable in posting positive feedback because they share their own experiences. Comments are from The most influential factor when buying today.” Approach John DeSimone.

Consider motivating recommendations

Another effective way that you can encourage the sharing of feedback from satisfied customers is by motivating them to do so. For example, you can give them a discount for each shared referral of your services. Motivational recommendations can be informal, but creating a formal system that sets clear rules for rewarding such recommendations works best.

active approach

Although entrepreneurs primarily focus on building their business, they also need to find ways to connect with and be active in their community. Whether you coach a sports team, volunteer at a local animal shelter, sponsor a health fair, or are an active and visible member of your town or village, you’re building contacts everywhere. These community activities will allow you to meet new people in a fun environment. The ability to connect through a common interest creates an opportunity to provide support without the need for strong sales motivation.

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“Selling great products or services is just the start on the road to a successful small business. Creating long-term connections with your community, expanding it, profiling and building relationships in a meaningful way, will allow you to expand opportunities for people to get to know you, your business, and your products. Highlighting your business takes time. energy and courage. However, many successful entrepreneurs have succeeded by building a network of satisfied clients and ambassadors.” John DeSimone concludes.

About John Desimone

As President of Herbalife Nutrition, John DeSimone continues to live up to the company’s philosophy and fully supports its unique value in helping people lead healthy, active lifestyles through personalized nutrition and business opportunities.

John DeSimone is responsible for managing the company’s regional management and is responsible for growing the business in quality nutrition as well as driving performance in 95 markets around the world. In addition, John DeSimone is responsible for supporting distributors worldwide, including marketing, promotion, sponsorship, business process support, events, and communications with Herbalife Nutrition’s independent distributors.

He has been with the company since 2007, and has held several senior strategic positions, most recently as Co-President and Director of Strategy. John DeSimone has over 25 years of experience in corporate finance. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Management from Bryant University in Rhode Island, USA.

Source: Seta

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