January 16, 2022

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First drive: Hyundai IONIQ 5, we tested the available version for more than 40,000

Sharp, futuristic design, ample space and advanced technologies make the IONIQ 5 a timeless electric vehicle. Is it worth getting to the highest version or is the base enough?

The electric movement seems to have loosened the designer’s hand, so we are constantly seeing new unique models. The search for inspiration often begins in history. Like the Honda e, Renault 5 or Fiat 500, Hyundai has found its inspiration in the past. The Pony model, which was also the brand’s first serial model, became the concept model and then the serial IONIQ 5.

During our first short rides in Slovakia, we had the opportunity to check out the interesting specs with the Style theme, so it’s not the least of family equipment but a mock center. We were more interested in the value-for-money ratio you get.

Cut the look from the movie

While the first IONIQ looked like an ordinary car, even boring, the 5 is the epitome of the future. Sharp edges, strict shapes and simple lines create perfection. But the design is very subjective, so what one likes is the other.

It can be said that the Hyundai IONIQ 5 is one of the few cars that practically does not differ from the concept. We are not used to anything like this at all, but Hyundai breaks the usual rules, similar to the arrival of the new generation Tucson.

The narrow headlights with a beautiful LED signature are also the first difference in equipment, and unfortunately also the target of the first criticism. Hyundai still doesn’t offer the spotlight with the auto trim function around even in the top gear. IONIQ 5 mainly contains simple reflector lights. The premium version then offers projectors.

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We’ll be staying with the lights for a while, but we’ll be moving back in time. The rear group lights are made of small pixels or cubes, thanks to which the car looks like a cut from the movie Blade Runner 2049. Alas, again, as part of the lower equipment, the incomprehensible light bulbs, which are even separately located one floor lower, were saved.

As for the exterior, the lower gear was also signed on the door handles themselves, although they are recessed, but they must be pulled out manually. Personally, in such a situation, I would prefer to adopt a traditional solution.

We understand that the automaker tried to differentiate individual equipment, but why in this way? It is as if you bought a state-of-the-art apartment with ceiling cooling and floor heating, but you will have the cheapest office blinds on the windows and it will be lit with kerosene.

A space worthy of a limousine

For now, however, out of the big words, Hyundai has built the IONIQ 5 on a new chassis platform developed specifically for electric vehicles. Thanks to this, it has a wheelbase of 3000 mm, which is the level of luxury limousines.

Passengers in the rear will feel particularly spacious interior, which has plenty of legroom, but also has headroom. The wide tailgate through which you can comfortably climb, the air conditioning vents in the B-pillar or heating of all four seats should also be praised.

Separately separated is the luggage compartment, the volume of which is 527 liters, there is also a double bottom, the ideal height of the loading flange and regular shapes. In addition, under the front hood there is another storage space of 57 liters in the case of our rear-wheel drive version. Then the ATV has only 24 liters.

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Watch our short video for first impressions on IGTV
The most technologically advanced electric vehicle in its class

The exterior itself indicates a level of sophistication in the IONIQ 5, but when you install it on the front seats, you’ll understand why. This dashboard is something new for Hyundai, as a pair of 12.3-inch screens on a separate glass panel look amazing.

The air conditioning panel offers a new solution with built-in touch buttons, which, however, have enough space for convenient and easy operation. During the first rounds, this painting worked for us.

The assistance systems that Hyundai has been offering for so long across its entire range of models are amazing. I remember the current generation i30 having such a high-quality adaptive cruise control, with the function of keeping the car in the middle of the lane, like the Mercedes S-class.

IONIQ 5 is no exception, and despite the low equipment, it has advanced assistance systems, and the automaker did not spare at all in this area, which is necessary.

The most important is the 800V system architecture, thanks to which the new IONIQ can be charged with an output of up to 200 kW. This means that you can charge the car from 10 to 80% in 18 minutes. However, the good news is the fact that the IONIQ 5 actually comes with an onboard 10.5 kW charger. Thanks to this, you can charge it at home in a few hours, not days.

Our lot also has a heat pump and therefore should maintain range values ​​even during the winter months.

How does it actually ride?

Incredibly good! It can be noted that this car is designed for long distances and is intended for the family. In addition to the spacious interior, Hyundai IONIQ 5 provides you with the convenience of air suspension. At the rear there is a multi-element axle, but in combination with the battery design, the car is filtered like a floating carpet. The acoustic insulation and the seating itself are also perfect.

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A B must also be added, that is, the long wheelbase caused poor maneuverability, especially in confined spaces and when turning. You simply feel like you are driving a car with a three-meter wheelbase…

You have a choice of three versions of the powertrain, a basic drive with a rear axle, 125 kWh power and a 58 kWh battery capacity. Tested by us, with an output of 160 kW, rear motor and 72.6 kWh battery. The top of the show ATV, which is sold exclusively with a larger battery, while power reaches 225 kW and 605 Nm.

Our Special Piece provided an affordable golden mean for performance and range. Personally, I would stay with this configuration because 4WD will take you close to 100 km. During the test, we achieved an average consumption of 16.5 kWh, while we did not drive economically at all.

Final impressions

The new IONIQ 5 represents a major step forward in the field of electric mobility, which, unlike the VW range, presents the technology of the future today. The price of the version we tested went up to €47,250, which isn’t simple at all, but if we look at the VW ID3 component, we’ll see very similar numbers for a car that no IONIQu 5 can match.