January 28, 2022

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First aid was for businessmen at the beginning of the third

First aid was for businessmen at the beginning of the third

Initial aid to entrepreneurs was significantly lower at the start of the third wave of the pandemic in September and October than at the end of the second wave in the spring. While in the spring months the state sent 150-200 million euros per month, after the holidays it was 35-40 million.

they show it data Analysts at the Institute for Social Policy of the Ministry of Labor. November 2021 data not yet complete. The most stringent measures against the epidemic, including a curfew, did not enter into force until the end of November and December, so the published data particularly illustrate the situation when the third wave was still “only” in its infancy.

Last spring, the restrictions imposed on the pandemic were only gradually lifted. After that, the government significantly reduced the scheme from July 2021 and temporarily suspended it in August. In the first two months of autumn in September and October, only a fraction of the second wave was paid out.

Later in November, the government increased first aid, but the largest possible contributions were not as high as they were in the spring. November data is only partial, according to the ministry, the average aid per applicant rose to 527 euros compared to 355 euros in October. In May or April 2021, the price was above 570 euros.

First aid is one of the biggest economic measures the country is taking against the pandemic. A total of 2.2 billion euros has been spent on it since March 2020. It serves in particular to preserve jobs and support the self-employed who have had to limit their performance or face economic hardship.

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