October 23, 2021

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Finportal brokers group published interim economic results - Trade and Business - Trade News

Finportal brokers group published interim economic results – Trade and Business – Trade News

Finportal maintains excellent condition and has demonstrated continuous growth for the eleventh consecutive year. As a result, he built a strong and trustworthy partner position in all major financial institutions. These days, the company has published interim economic results in individual financial sectors.

16.09.2021 00:00

Financial It is currently the largest mortgage partner of Slovenská sporiteľňa, VÚB banka, Tatrabanka and 3655. banka and the second largest mortgage broker in ČSOB, Unicredit Bank, mBank and Prima banka. Compared to last year, the volume of mortgages increased by 42% to 684 million euros. With the current trend, it is clear that for the first time in its history at the end of 2021, it will cross the one billion euro mark.

Since it is increasingly necessary to obtain consumer loans for co-financing of housing, this product also has an exponentially growing trend. In the year-over-year comparison, they posted a 55% increase.

Finportal generates large amounts of insurance portfolios and new clients for all insurance companies in the market. Insurance other than life insurance has flourished similarly to a mortgage, with a median volume of more than 6.5 million. Finportal recorded an increase of 63%, despite a slower start of the year, due to a decrease in the movement of people (the result was weak demand for travel insurance) or a stagnation of the situation in the car market (lower interest in PZP or accident insurance ). With the release of lockdown restrictions, interest in securing businesses has also increased. As in previous years, more than 90% of insurance contracts are concluded online, by comparison najpoistenie.sk.

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The life insurance market is in recession a year after the pandemic. However, Finportal shows a significant year-on-year increase of 47% to €3.3 million. It plans to end the year at 6.2 million euros. The growth in life insurance was also aided by the launch of the Finportal Corporate Center, where it acquired companies with hundreds of employees.

Threats associated with the return of the pandemic have prompted people to think about bad times and postpone the future. This is also confirmed by the 80% increase in the use of savings products, which amounted to 55 million euros. “The increasing number of Slovaks who are able to save in difficult times is a good sign that they are aware of the need for a certain financial reserve,” says Katerina Faktorova, Director of the Investments and Life Insurance Division.

The volume of investments managed by Finportal (AUM) has almost doubled to €90 million, with solutions exclusively diversified such as mutual funds and ETFs.

Total turnover in 2021 was more than 40%, and this development indicates that Finportal should have turnover of more than 35 million. €. The current results reflect the state of the company. “We understand that success does not just come, it is behind people and their professional approach to work. Thanks to the trust that our business partners and clients have given us, we can say today that we are on the right track.” says Rudolph Adam, Chairman of the Board of Directors.