October 22, 2021

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Finance Minister Matovic will get security for another month!

Finance Minister Matovic will get security for another month!

You can find out why Minister Matovic gets security next month in the photo gallery

After this period, the security situation will be reviewed and temporary protection will be provided.” They determined that Mikulec had decided to grant security on the basis of a proposal from the Office for the Protection of Constitutional Officials and Diplomatic Missions of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic.

The photo shows the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic Roman Mikulić (OĽaNO).

Source: TASR

As a former prime minister, Matovic used the right to protection for a period of 90 days from the end of his term at the head of the government cabinet. The President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Chaputova, accepted his resignation, and thus the resignation of his entire government on March 30. It appointed the new Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OĽANO) on 1 April.

Matovic claims he was not interested in extending the warranty

Finance Minister Igor Matović (OĽANO) claims he was not interested in extending the guarantee. “The Office for the Protection of Constitutional Officials believed it was still necessary, it was their decision, I accept it,” Confirmed on Sunday talk show on TA3 TV Politics.

“I have been notified of the possible actions of some people,” He added that if Interior Minister Roman Miculic (OĽANO) wanted to repeatedly extend security, he would decide on the basis of the current situation.

Matovic dismissed from the post of Finance Minister

“I didn’t expect any votes from For People and SaS, but some of them came from For People,” Matovic returned to his failed Wednesday (30 June) dismissal from the position of Finance Minister. Fifty-one out of 135 members of Parliament attended to express mistrust of Matovic.

He claims that the head of the Special Security Council should have sought votes that did not support him as Minister. Even Solek earlier dismissed such claims. Matovic claims that “SaS and Richard Sollick will put every government they will be into and will do everything for it.” He added that he had no desire to be in the next government headed by the Engineers Syndicate.

He added that the people have the right to hold a referendum on early elections. “I consider it wrong of the President to bring this matter to the Constitutional Court (CC) of the Slovak Republic,” compressed. He admitted his share of guilt in the decline of OĽANO’s preferences.

“Having taken over, as chief of OĽANO, to convey the unpleasant and unpopular things during the pandemic, because I was convinced that the Prime Minister should have conveyed them, the damage to our votes could have been greater,” He added, believing that people are not stupid.

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