January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Figaro or Stollwerck weren't our only chocolates.  You will know others too

Figaro or Stollwerck weren’t our only chocolates. You will know others too

News from Slovakia attracted foreigners this week.

1. omicron Restricts air traffic in the world. Which routes from Bratislava Airport have been temporarily cancelled? Airlines limit flights due to Omicron. The changes also affect flights from Bratislava Airport

2- Municipal and regional elections will indicate the existence of political alliances, and in 2022 the upcoming trials will affect the political landscape: The upcoming elections to show the country’s mood. 2022 eventfull expected in Slovakia

The article continues under the video ad

The article continues under the video ad

3 – The Slovak population is aging. This is a public finance problem. However, the growing demand for a social service role can also be a business opportunity: An aging population, the market with care services will need to expand

4. Trade unions have trouble communicating with the employees they represent. The reason is to protect personal data: Main employer says GDPR impedes trade union communication with employees

5. Populism is declining. However, positive trends don’t make headlines because people who write more about populism have to admit that their previous theories were wrong: Populism is on the decline

6. The lesson we can learn from the pandemic is that we must respect and care for those we love: It is not possible to tabulate all the losses caused by the epidemic

7. The pandemic alone has not had a negative impact on Bratislava’s budget. The capital doubts the results of the census: Bratislava wonders about the results of the census because it fears for the income of 2022

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8. The investment market slows down. Some investors choose a wait and watch approach and postpone the completion of projects for several months until the situation becomes more stable: Real estate investors chose a wait-and-see approach

9. Do not provoke hatred. What does President Chaputova want for Slovakia in 2022: President Shaputova sends two wishes to Slovakia in 2022

10. Life as a box of Czechoslovak chocolate. We know Figaro and Stollwerck or our only chocolate: What if life was like a box of Czechoslovak chocolate?

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