January 27, 2022

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Fiala in her New Year's speech: I have no good news for you

Fiala in her New Year’s speech: I have no good news for you

According to the Prime Minister, 2022 will be one of the most difficult years since the establishment of the Republic.

Prague. New Czech Prime Minister Peter Viala In his New Year’s address, he declared that he did not bear good tidings for the citizens of the Czech Republic. According to him, this year is likely to be one of the most difficult and challenging since the establishment of the independent Czech Republic. The Czechs are said to be facing the outbreak of the epidemic, inflation and rising energy prices, Quotations from the first speech from the Novinky.cz portal.

“It’s the first day of 2022 and I don’t have good news for you,” he said at the outset. “This year may be one of the most difficult and challenging years since the establishment of the independent Czech Republic.”

“We will be troubled by the problems that come from abroad, but also the problems we have caused ourselves. The previous government lived day in and day out, as if fixed debts could never cause inflation,” he explained.

Fayala warns of populists

Among the three dangers that the Czech Republic would face, they later included inflation, rising energy prices, as well as the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Viala, it will take a long time to resolve these issues. But he hopes the first positive results will come before the end of the year. “It takes many times to fix. It’s easier to postpone problems than to start solving them. But there is nothing else left for our country,” Fiala said.

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He also warned the new Czech prime minister against populists who give simple answers. “Complex problems do not have easy solutions,” he said.

Viala sees the Czech Presidency of the European Union as an opportunity to promote what the Czech Republic needs in life.

As the Senate President spoke

Senate President Milos Vestrel also addressed the Czech nation on Saturday afternoon. He described it as important for the Czech Republic to fight with it My corona virus. Chekhov therefore called for so-called reassuring decency, greater conciliation as well as solidarity similar to that which they had shown in repairing the damages after last year’s hurricane in Moravia.

In the past, Czech presidents traditionally gave New Year’s addresses to the nation. However, the current president has changed this practice Milos Zeman, who moved his performance to the second Christmas holiday, Novinky.cz recalled.