November 30, 2021

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Facebook skupiny

Facebook gives group creators the opportunity to earn money. This is how it will work!

The social network Facebook offers many innovations to group creators, the goal of which is to enable group creators to make money. How does he want to achieve this?

Leading a group is also a job

Maybe few people realize it, but Managing sites as well as groups on a social network is also importantwhich takes a lot of time. Provided social network in general Three new toolsThe creators of this group will be able to use it to earn money.

The first is the possibility Create a group, the other create an e-commerce store The third, and perhaps the most interesting for most group managers, is Membership subscription for usersWho will have access to private subgroups.

It is undeniable that managing groups can be time consuming, especially for highly accessible groups and active users. The goal of the social network is creators group In this case Motivate them to create high quality content.

“We really want to be the best place for creators to have sustainable business and exposure, because we know the content they create for people on Facebook is really valuable.” He told CNBC Tom Allison, President of Facebook. “The work we do with group administrators is an extension and recognition of that.”

The social network revealed that Facebook groups are today one of the main products used by 62% of social network users. We are talking about a mass of people, which makes up 1.8 billion users.

The new “Groups” features are less designed for Facebook to increase its revenue and more focused on motivating users to stay and building their audience. In conclusion, however, it must be added that the social network stated that these New tools will be made available gradually So it may take some Fridays to be available globally.

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Facebook is making big changes in the short term

It should also be noted that this is one of the first steps of Meta (Facebook) after the parent company of the social network changed its name. The reason for this move is that Meta does not want to be seen as only Facebook, because the impact of its activities is much broader. Meta has also revealed that it is working on the Metaverse project, a new generation of mobile internet that should draw us deeper into virtual reality. It should be a place where users meet, have fun, but also work. With the social network Facebook, this is the second significant step after the company announced the shutdown of facial recognition technology, which has long sparked controversy.

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