January 21, 2022

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Extraliga types: HKM Zvolen – HK Spišská Nová Ves 5: 2

Yesterday 20:38

Slovak hockey champion HKM Zvolen started the new season victorious. In the Friday duel of the opening round of the Super League Tipos, he defeated rookie HK Spišská Nová Ves 5:2 on the local ice.

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After returning to the highest competition, the barriers showed a good performance, but the home team was more effective in attacking and, unlike the opponent, used the power play twice. Peter Zuzin starred in the master’s jersey with a hat-trick, which also added one assist.

Unusual types – first round:

HKM Zvolen – HK Spisska Nova Ves 5:2 (1:1, 2:1, 2:0)

Objectives: 15. Zuzin (Hain), 25. J. Mikúš (Zuzin, Hraško), 32. Zuzin (Viedenský), 52. Jedlička (Viedenský, J. Mikúš), 59. Zuzin (Jedlička, Kotvan) – 3. Tyczinski (Džugan) ), Petgrave), 37. Jijak (Černý).

Decision making: Hronský, Žák – Frimmel, Valo, Elimination: 4: 3 for 2 minutes, Strength-boosting: 2: 0, weakening: 0: 0, 925 spectators.

elect: Rahm – Hain, Kotvan, Roy, Hraško, Kubka, Barcík, Meliško – Jedlička, Viedenský, Zuzin – Saracino, Puliš, Ully – Török, J. Mikúš, Marcinek – Chlepčok, Gubančok, Csányi – Ďuri

facebook: Melchirk – Olit-Podry, Petgrave, Ordzuvinsky, Romachak, Cezanek, Malina, Petrik, Olegnik – Hamrachik, Koro, Utrauch – Dorko, Halama, Frapen – Gijak, Sirnisala, Doganysk

Actively elected at the start, he pushed himself into the opponent’s goal. However, at the time of his biggest attack, the guests unexpectedly parted and after a pass from Džugan, he sent them from behind the goal to Tyczinski’s lead. He scored the first goal for Spiciakov after they returned to the top of the competition. Saracchino managed to equalize the score, but was unsuccessful in front of Milicherk, on the other hand, after a quick renumbering, he did not score from the end of Tomal. The master was in the 15th minute, after Hin’s throw, Zuzin circled the goal and Rosnakovsky pushed the ball into a closer field – 1: 1.

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HKM ramped up its offensive efforts in the second period. In the 23rd minute, Mikúš only shot Melicherčík from close range, after Török’s shot, the goal building looked again. In the 25th minute, Mikosh already managed to hit Zuzin’s shot and HKM’s third attacking center cleaned the disc into the open goal. Zuzin played an excellent game, in the 32nd minute the puck rebounded from him after the Vienna event and with a backhand he adapted to Zvolen 3: 1. However, the newcomer did not lay down his arms. In the 33rd minute, the troubled goalkeeper Ram started firing the Štrauch cannon unprepared, but four minutes later gave up after Černý’s shot on the ice, and the goal was attributed to Giľák – 3:2.

Spišiak’s flair, was on the verge of equalizing at the start of the third part of Kuru, his shot narrowly missed Ram’s goal. The home keeper or Googan was not defeated by the raid. Guests can regret missed opportunities. In the 52nd minute, the home team rebounded again by two goals, when Jedlička was penalized by the exclusion of Džugan. The newcomer did not break and continued to bite, Kuro had a great chance, Ram made an excellent intervention with Musk. The elected people were able to embellish the result thanks to Ully, and Melicherčik was against it. And the host team actually preserved the victory, and in the end settled the result with a free goal from Zozen, who completed a hat-trick.

Votes after the match:

Peter Orimos, coach of the national team: “Every entry into the season counts, so we are very happy with the win. We played a good game, created a chance, there was a little inaccuracy in our game, but it belongs at the start of the season. We have to be better in the next game. Hat-trick Zuzina is happy, but behind him. It is the work of the attack and the whole team.”

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Spišská Nová Ves coach Miroslav Mosnar: “Our start was weaker, but we took the initiative nonetheless, but we didn’t take advantage of it. We were weaker in personal fights, and we had to work on it. The second third was better on our part, we worked on chances, but we had to take advantage of them.”

Peter Zozen scored three goals “I was able to achieve a hat-trick thanks to the whole team, thanks to our five, it turned out that we played well. From the beginning we played hockey well, created chances, shot on goal and created pressure. Unfortunately, we collected an unfortunate goal. However, we learned from last year, that we We didn’t bow our heads, we played hockey, we also came with a play of strength, which we used and thus became at a good pace and comfort in playing. Then my goals went the same way. It was important to enter the competition with a good match and a good result. We succeeded, but we must continue to do so” .