November 30, 2021

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Extraliga types: HKM Zvolen – HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce 4: 5

Today 18:32

HK Dukl Ingem Michalovce hockey players won the 15th round of the Tipos overtime league on ice HKM Zvolen 5:4.

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HKM Zvolen – HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce 4:5 (0:2, 0:1, 4:2)

Objectives: 50. Puliš (Leskinen, Roy), 51. Török, 53. Djakov (Krieger, Puliš), 60. Kotvan (Krieger, Puliš) – 15. Pavlin (Erkinjuntti, Cameranesi), 17. Kukuča, 27. Cameranesi (Pavlin, Erkinjuntti), 41. Mráz (Cameranesi), 58. Regenda (Pavlin, Erkinjuntti).

Decision making: Snášel, Jobbágy – Janiga, Benia, disqualification: 8:10 for 2 minutes, strength-boosting: 1:3, weakening: 0:1, 891 spectators


elect: Ram – Hein, Kotvan, Roy, Djakov, Kupka, Hraško – Jedlica, Vedensky, Zuzin – Krieger, Polish, Liskinin – Stopka, J.

Michalovtsy: Williams – Bokroš, Macejko, Pavlin, Gajdoš, Mudrák, Ťavoda, Stripai – Regenda, Cameranesi, Keränen – Kukuča, Galamboš, Fournier – itný, Erkinjuntti, Mráz – Hájnik, Lačný, Chalupa

From the very beginning, interesting hockey was played, which was not lacking in chances or goals. The hosts took a 1 – 9 lead at the 2nd minute of the match thanks to a breakthrough by Michaloviec, who scored with a stunning aerial shot from a cross from the right wing. Mikúša’s shot that blocked the pole did not end with the goal. Guests took advantage of the first numerical advantage in just three seconds. Qualifying Jedlička defender Pavlin was penalized – 0: 1. Even worse than the previous two powers, the third appeared to the Zvolen family. In the 17th minute Kotvan made a mistake and Kokuka scored in a weakening – 0: 2.

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The introduction to the second part also brought many exceptions, which once again took advantage of the guests. In the 27th minute, they played hard for two minutes by two players, in which Camernesi increased the difference by three goals. The extra track of the second part also brought many excluded, thanks to the emergence of several promising opportunities in front of both goals. But goalkeepers Ram and Williams have held their teams several times.

When Mr. El-Sayed lifted the visitors 4-0 with his first goal of the season in the 40th minute of Part III, it looked like he was set. However, the home team raised their heads and fought for the score. In the 50th minute, Puliš increased their lead to 2 – 4 when the visiting defenders lost the ball to Török, who came up from the left and calmed the goalkeeper to put the ball into the net. Good play on the left wing created an opportunity for the visitors in the 55th minute of the match and in the 55th minute of the match. On the other hand, Kupka was punished with a disqualification and the guests calmed down with a goal of 5: 3. The teams are still trying to play without the goalkeeper, having achieved the goal of the Kotfan connection, and they can no longer equalize.

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