January 21, 2022

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Extraliga types: HK Spišská Nová Ves – HC 21 Prešov 5: 0

Yesterday 20:29

HK Spišská Nová Ves hockey players recorded their first home win in the highest competition in over eleven years. In Sunday’s second-round match, HC Grotto Prešov was clearly victorious 5:0.

Additional Type – Round Two:

HK Spisska Nova Ves – HC 21 Presov 5:0 (0:0, 4:0, 1:0)

Objectives: 26. Petgrave (Tomala, Ouellet-Beaudry), 29. Petgrave (Kuru, Vrábeľ), 36. Černý (Štrauch, Ordzovenský), 37. Vartovník (Tomala), 57. Ščurko (Tyczynski)

Decision: Novák, Kalina – Bogdaň, Valo Elimination: 4: 4 for 2 minutes, plus: Česánek 5 + DKZ for hitting the railing – Bača 10 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior, power-ups: 1: 0, weakening: 1: 0

facebook: Milicherk – Cezanek, Petgrave, Olit-Podry, Malina, Ordzhuvinsky, Romashak, Petrik, Hamrachik – Frapich, Koro, Strauch – Orko, Teksinsky, Olignik-Giak, Dugernov
Preshov: Bespalov (41. Petrik) – Rice, Bakala, F.

The home team worked hard to break through the middle and as a result got a good chance of recovering in the 3rd minute of the match. Then the people of Prešov rushed but the spectators did not see the scoring opportunities. Guests can strike at the end of ten minutes, but Milchirk was vigilant. In the 15th minute, Ole Boudry made a mistake and the people of Prešov played in numerous competition. They quickly settled into the area and directed several dangerous shots at Miljerk, but the goalkeeper managed it.

In the second act, the sack was torn with goals, but only in the nets of Preshov. In the 26th minute, Petgrave almost put the visitors in another lead as he broke through the middle and shot from just outside the penalty area, but his shot went right over the crossbar. The scouts added a minute second stroke into the double, when they won the ball in the 29th minute and after a quick action, the Canadian fullback came back with a scoop again. The guests tried to counterattack in the 33rd minute, and Shimon advanced in front of Milicherk and wanted to beat him with a backhand, but failed. Barriers also prevailed in the case of the third match, when in the 36th minute he used Černý power and after one minute he finished a very successful third goal with a fourth goal after a superb combination from Vartovnik.

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Preshov sent Petrik into goal in the final third with his hands full from the opening minutes. The home team guarded the lead in the following minutes and did not unnecessarily rush to attack. The residents of Prešov tried to do something else with the result, but did not get into the opportunities. At the end of the match, Ščurko secured victory at home – 5: 0.

Ovečkin junior learns the alphabet with hockey legends, and there is also Jágr or Chára: