December 7, 2021

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Extraliga types: HK Nitra – HKM Zvolen 1: 5

Yesterday 20:54

HK Nitra hockey players lost in the 13th round of the Tipos Overtime League on home soil with HKM Zvolen 1:5. Nitra recorded their third consecutive loss and fourth in the entire season. For the home team, this was also the worst loss of the year.

You can watch the duel online at Š >>

HK Nitra – HKM Zvolen 1:5 (0:1, 0:3, 1:1)

Objectives: 53. Bajtek (Varga) – 7. Krieger (Puliš, Turk), 35. Hain (Roy, Krieger), 36. Saracino (Viedenský, Kubka), 40. Turk (Csányi), 52. Viedenský (Saracino, Ully).

Decision: Stano, Výleta – Synek, Knižka, Elimination: 5:3 for 2 minutes, Plus: Krivošík (Nitra), Leskinen (Zvolen) Both 5 + DKZ per fight, Power-ups: 0:2, Weak: 0:0 1257 spectators.


Nitra: O’Connor (41. Honzík) – Pupák, Raskob, Švarný, Nemec, Vitáloš, Bodák – Tvrdoň, Hrnka, R. Varga – Krivošík, Holešinský, Buček – Bajtek, Baláž, Volko – Drábek, A.

elect: Rahm – Kotvan, Hain, Diakov, Roy, Hraško, Kubka, Gubančok – Ully, Viedenský, Saracino – Leskinen, Puliš, Krieger – Török, J. Mikúš, Jedlička – Csányi, Marcinek, Chlepčok

Everyone who measured the route to Nitra expected a good hockey evening. However, the image of the game for the first third did not inspire the viewer much. Minimal chances of goal or sentiment were missing on the ice for at least the first half of the match. The first goal was scored in the seventh minute, when Balai did not throw a clean ball into the weakness area and then punished Krieger.

In the middle of the second period, it swept past the gates of Zvolen, from which the battle of Krivochik with Liskinin emanated. The Nitra striker then calmed the stands, but it was Zvolen who provoked the fight. Within five minutes, up to three “knights” archers advanced. Hain first passed the corner of the O’Connor gate and joined Saracino and Török. Even at 0:3, Nitra captain Švarný hesitated on a good occasion.

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The guests had a comfortable four-goal lead at the start of the third half. In the 52nd minute, he did not guard the Nitra defense in front of Vedensky’s goal and increased the shot between Hunzik’s concrete to 5: 0 from Zvolin’s point of view. For the first time in 26 seconds, the “corgoni” enjoyed Bajtek’s lowering. However, it was just a cosmetic adjustment of the result.


Antonin Stavga, Nitra coach: “We encouraged the players that if we want to succeed against a big team like Zvolen, we have to show an excellent performance. The start was strong, but we gave the first goal to the guests. We were supposed to put the discus in weakness, but something went wrong instead. He started. This guests and we kicked fouls until 0: 5. I must say that we got up in the last 20 minutes, the players showed a lot of good moments, but experienced Zvulin guarded them.”

Andrei Kmich, Assistant Coach Zvolina: “We played an excellent game with active skating and aggressive expression. The first period was still balanced, but the match was under control. In the second half we added goals and defended weaknesses. We are glad we were able to put on such a performance in Nitra. It is not easy to play here. So the opponent gets space. Nitra has good players but we put in a good performance and deserved the points.”