January 27, 2022

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Extraliga types: HK Nitra – HK Spišská Nová Ves 5: 2

Yesterday 20:10

HK Nitra hockey players have ended HK Spišská Nová Ves’ four-game winning streak. The Newcomers Overtime League defeated Tepos 5:2 in Round 25 on Friday.

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Additional Type – Twenty-fifth Round:

HK Nitra – HK Spisska Nova Ves 5:2 (2:2, 2:0, 1:0)

Objectives: 12. Hrnka (Š. Nemec, Baláž), 13. Bajtek (Švarný, Sýkora), 21. Baláž (Varga, Š. Nemec), 40. Raskob (Rockwood), 42. Varga (Bajtek, Rockwood) – 4. Nieminen (Jake), 17. Beaudry (Koro, Orko)

Referee: Novak, Muller-Sink, Junk Disqualification: 3:3 for 2 minutes, Power-ups: 2:0, Weak: 0:0, No spectators


Hong Kong Nitra: O’Connor – Š. Nemec, Mezei, Raskob, varný, Bodák, Vitaloš, Pekarčík – Buček, Baláž, R. Varga – ramaty, Rockwood, Tvrdoň – Molnár, Bajtek, A. Skora – Múčka, R. Nemec, Drábek – Hrnka

facebook: Melchirk – Petgrave, Atwal, Podry, Romachak, Ordzhovinsky, Raspberry, Chartench – Gijak, Salituro, Korko – Rabach, Koro, Nemnin – Hamrachik, Tekzynsky, Artush – Orlebek, Vartovik, c.

Hockey without defenses. However, it can be called the first period in which four goals were scored. The first eight minutes were played mainly in the Nitra defense area. Hurricanes managed to push the discount, but prevailed only once. Nieminen opened the scoring in the fourth minute. Corgoni, although not performing perfectly, turned the situation around within two minutes. In the 12th minute, Hrenik fought off Niemke’s sharp shot and then Bajcek entered the shooting list in the same way. The guests continued to press for an equaliser when Biodry, after 17 minutes, broke through the center of the goal and found himself alone with the goalkeeper.

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In the middle part of the Nitra, they improved their mobility and after only 47 seconds, Baláž prevailed. He managed to catch up with Kuru, who was found behind Nieminen’s goal in the 22nd minute, but the Finnish striker was too close to O’Connor. In the 29th minute, Varga faced Milicherk, but the puck put only goalkeeper Spiciakov. However, the host team went to the cab by two goals when Raskob took the lead within 59 seconds before the end of the third half.

The start of the third half was better for the home team. In the 42nd minute, Rockwood, Bajtek and Varga played a combination of strong play with one touch, while the latter shot over Melicherčik – 5:2. In the 52nd minute of the match, Tyczynski could have made this picture for Tyczynski’s side when he went up the left but The raised ball was a little high. Four minutes before the end, Šramata missed a huge opportunity, not hitting the open gate from the metro, so the score did not change.

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