January 27, 2022

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Extraliga types: HK Nitra – HC Slovan Bratislava 0: 4

Today 19:18

HC Slovan Bratislava hockey players stretched from the winning streak in the Tipos overtime league to 10 games. In Sunday’s duel of Round 26, the table top on ice won by HK Nitra 4:0, when he scored all the goals in the final third.

HK Nitra – HC Slovan Bratislava 0:4 (0:0, 0:0, 0:4)

Objectives: 47. Harris (Jääskeläinen, Takáč), 53. Haščák (Yogan), 54. Takáč (Harris), 55. Rapuzzi (Haščák, Gachulinec)

Referees: Stano, Kalina-Janija, Sivchik, Disqualification: 1:1, Power-ups and Weaknesses: 0:0, No spectators


Nitra: O’Connor – Raskob, Mezei, Švarný, Bayonet, Vitaloš – Buček, Baláž, Mugs – Tvrdoň, Rockwood, R. Varga – Múčka, Bajtek, Molnár – Volko, Šramaty, Drábek

Slovan Bratislava: Godlevskis – Julian, Mackenzie, Sirsen, Gachulink, Meyer, Valach, Beňo – Jogan, Rabuzi, Haščák – Takáč, Harris, Jääskeläinen – Matoušek, Kytnár, Gašpar – Fominych, J. Sukeľ, Urbánek – Šote

Nitra started the match against the Slavs in a truncated squad consisting of only seventeen skaters. In the match, they couldn’t rely on their forced game and had to focus mainly on defense. During the opening, they did not allow the Slavs more open opportunities. Four moments were the most interesting. The first of them in the 12th minute, when Gachulink fired, but his shot and what followed were blocked by Nitra’s defense. In the 14th minute, Rookwood showed his skills, eliminating Mayer, but only with a backhand directed at Godlevskis. Rapuzzi arrived 15 minutes later, but O’Connor quickly countered the attack. At the end of the third half could send the home team to lead Mezei, but he did not use the accurate pass from Rockwood.

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In the middle, the match stabilized more and, ironically, the home team had more shooting attempts. Slovan fails to prove himself through the organized defense of the trusted Nitra and O’Connor. Molnár was the alternative. Even the first numerical advantage waited until the 38th minute. The home team spent almost two minutes in the guest area, but Baláž and Buček did not score.

Even the “whites” did not use their first power game, but they did not have to regret it. In the 47th minute, Jääskeläinen hit the ball and the ball rebounded in front of the free Harris, who sent Slovan to the front. Nitra rallied hard to the end and the guests took advantage of the excessive work of the local appearance. In less than two minutes, Hasak, Takac and Rabotsi scored.