November 28, 2021

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Extraliga types: HK Nitra – HC Košice 3: 5

Yesterday 20:17

HC Košice’s hockey players triumphed in Friday’s match of the 12th round of the Tipos Over-Ice League from HK Nitra 5:3, despite losing by three goals after the first half.

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Extra Type – Twelfth Round:

HK Nitra – HC Kosice 3:5 Center (3:0, 0:1, 0:4)

Objectives: 2. Krivošík (German, Švarný), 8. Buček (Holešinský, Krivošík), 17. Vitáloš (Sýkora, Drábek) – 26. Milý (Havrila, Košarišťan), 51. Klhůfek (McPherson), 54. Paršin (Chotán) ))), 57. Bartánus (Slovak, Gray), 60. Chovan (Klhůfek)

Decision making: Journey, Goga – Kassig, Orolin, Elimination: 2:3, Strength-boosting: 0:0, Weakness: 0:1, 1722 spectators


Hong Kong Nitra: Honzík-Mezei, Raskob, Švarný, Š. Nemec, Vitáloš, Bodák, Pupák – Tvrdoň, Hrnka, R. Varga – Krivošík, Holešinský, Buček – Bajtek, Baláž, Volko – Drábek, A. Skora, Múčka – Pekarčík

HC Kosice: Riečický (17. Košarišťan) – Saucerman, edivý, Tansey, Deyl, Romančík, Cibák, Jacko – Bartánus, Slovák, McPherson – Pereskokov, Chovan, Paršin – Belluš, Klhůfek, Lapšanský – Mililaýke, Havr

The start of the match was better for the home team. With an active approach, Nitra developed a lead with three goals in the first period. Already in the second minute, Krivošík opened the score, which Riečický caught with a shot from the side goalkeeper. In the eighth minute, he received an accurate pass from behind Bojek’s goal, who ended the group with one touch. The “Men of Steel” had threatened the most in the ninth minute, when a Slovak shot from close range, but Hunzik resisted it. The stands rejoiced at Nitra for the third time in the 17th minute after Rishiki slashed wide with a shot off the blue line by Vitalos.

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Corgoni’s activity slowed down at the beginning of the second period and Kosice began to be remembered more. In the 26th minute, Milio shot from behind the defender and reduced it. The dummy warning finger was followed by a bullet fired by the guest, Pereskukov, which hit the crossbar. Tvrdoň could have put Nitranom ahead again, but he shot into the side netting after breaking down the left in the 32nd minute.

Nitranja led by 53 minutes, but Kosice’s side needed just six minutes to turn the game’s development on their side. Firstly, the home team’s defenses failed in their strength and Klovik cut the difference in goal. In the 54th minute, apparently due to inexperience, Paršin obstructed an opponent just outside the penalty area, but the free kick that followed did not work. The visitors had the opportunity to cut the difference after 57 minutes, due to a defensive error that left Bartanosa unchecked. The home team was still trying to save at least a point, but Hernca was wrong in the match without a goalkeeper and Chauvin closed the situation.

Votes after the match:

Antonin Stavga, Nitra coach: “In my view we had a great start, especially in attack. We went to the lead and then it turned out that 3:0 is probably the hardest result to keep. At 3:1 we had that in our hands, but a goal in our strong play was undermined. The confidence of the players and then we started making mistakes. The guests took advantage of this and turned the game around.”

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Kali Kaskinen, coach of Kosice: “We didn’t start the game well. When you play 0:3, everyone will say it’s the defenders’ fault, but we didn’t attack, we didn’t focus and we lost the pucks. We already played the second half better, because we got all five players in the match. In the third period we didn’t give up. We were patient and in the end we managed to change the situation. I still say the strength comes from the dressing room, and I’m happy with how the players react after the first period. It’s very difficult to play in Nitra, so I’m happy to get three points.”

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