January 21, 2022

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Extraliga types: HC Slovan Bratislava – MHk 32 Liptovský Mikuláš 4: 3

Yesterday 21:27

Hockey players in Slovan Bratislava won the Sunday game of the seventh round of the extra league Tepos over MHk 32 Liptovsky Mikulas only 4: 3. William Charles Rabozy decided his victory with 23 seconds left.

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“Bellas” jumped to second place in the table, they have 15 points in their account, in addition to the third Mikalovci and one of them is behind the leader Nitra. Liptofs is in tenth place in the table with seven points.

HC Slovan Bratislava – MHk 32 Liptovsky Mikulas 4:3 (1:0, 1:2, 2:1)

Objectives: 5. Fominych (Takáč), 21. Jääskeläinen (Takáč, Harris), 56. Fominych (Sersen, Gachulinec), 60. Rapuzzi (Jääskeläinen, Valach) – 26. Varttinen (Obdržálek, Hovorka), 39. Uhrk, 41. Palok , 41. (Sibiliev, Krishka)

Decision making: ák, Moller – Jedlička, Junek Eliminations: 6:5 for 2 minutes Strength-boosting: 1:1, weakening: 0:1, 2024 spectators


Slovan Bratislava: Gudlevskis – MacKenzie, Golian, Gachulinec, Sersen, Valach, Maier, Krakovský, Beňo – Fominych, Harris, Takáč – Jääskeläinen, Rapuzzi, Zigo – Urbánek, Preisinger, Sukeľ – Kundrík, Kytnkár, Lukoš

Liptovsky Mikulas: Vošvrda – Ventelä, Varttinen, Mezovský, Šepelev, Ileník, Kurali, Droppa – Paločko, Hovorka, Obdržálek – Michalík, Walega, Jurík – Kriška, Uhrík, uvouse – Haluška, Petráš,

Slovan took the lead in the opening third and took the lead in the fifth minute. The Liptovs didn’t get a disc of the third and Fominych prevailed in the scrum in front of Vošvrd. The guests found it difficult to bypass the defensive lines of the home team, so Godlevskis did not have much work. In the 14th minute, the “whites” could lead with two goals, but Vošvrda managed to try Rapuzzi, who found himself in front of him. Mikuláš did not have much effect even during strong play, he was able to increase the lead of the home team in the many advantages of MacKenzie and later Jääskeläinen from the end, but they did not succeed.

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Slovan started the second season with a solid two-player playing and managed to turn it over after just 22 seconds. Takáč passed from behind the goal to Jääskeläinen and shot Vošvrda – 2: 0. After that, Mikulas also played against four. In the 26th minute, apparently due to inexperience, Varttinen fouled one of his opponents right outside the penalty area but the free kick that followed did not work. In the second half of the third, Mikulas played two more minutes for about one minute for the players, but, ironically, tied when he weakened. In the 39th minute of the match, Gudlevskis quickly advanced to drop the ball to Uhrík, who shot the ball into the net to make the score 2 – 2. The goalkeeper threw, but did not block the goal.

At the beginning of the third part, they imitated the guests and the host team and used the final power play in the first minute. Shepelev shot out of the blue and his shot flowed past Gudlevskis Palocko. The guests managed to switch from 0: 2 to 3: 2. In the next few minutes, Slovan tried hard to equalize, creating several chances, but Vošvrda resisted. However, he had given up less than five minutes before the end of the original time. The second goal of the match was scored by Fominich, who pushed himself out of the end after a 3:3 Sersen shot. The dramatic end of the match was better managed by the home team, and their victory was decided at 23 seconds before the end of Rapuzzi, which Jääskeläinen passed between circuits. Liptachi tried it in the last seconds without a goalkeeper, but they couldn’t cope.

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Votes after the match:

Robert Dohm, Slovan coach: “We had a little problem, we wanted to score more goals from those chances. It was already 2:0, but unfortunately we got cheap goals after our stature. So we gave Mikulas a chance. They played well, defended well, got on the ride, and were not Relaxed. In the end we put up the pressure and we were better and we deserved to win. Although it was tough on the opponent, those goals hung in the balance several times and we succeeded. But we have to score more goals, get less, especially in a match like this, it was Godlevskis should score two goals.”

Milan Januschka, coach Mikulas: “It’s difficult for me to judge when we finish this match. We got three points and don’t have one. We have to say objectively that Slovan had more of the game, and also because of our weakness we were pressured and the home team took the lead 2:0. We played poorly. In overtime, 5 to 4 and 5 to 3. Although we scored one goal, it’s not enough to be successful in Slovan. The end of the match speaks for itself, a huge disappointment.”