October 21, 2021

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Extraliga types: HC Slovan Bratislava – HK Spišská Nová Ves 2: 1

Yesterday 21:28

Hockey players in Slovan Bratislava beat Spišská Nová Ves 2:1 in the fifth round match of the Tipos Extraliga.

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Additional Type – 10th Grade:

Slovan Bratislava – Spisska Nova Ves 2:1 (0:0, 1:0, 1:1)

Objectives: 37. Harris (Gachulinec, Jääskeläinen), 47. Gachulinec (Harris, Takáč) – 53. Kuru.

Judges: Conk Street, Schaac-Hercog, Valo, disqualification: 2:4, power-ups and weaknesses: 0:0, 2,315 spectators.

Slovan Bratislava: Gudlevskis – MacKenzie, Golian, Gachulinec, Sersen, Valach, Maier, tajnoch – Gašpar, Harris, Takáč – Jääskeläinen, Rapuzzi, Yogan – Urbánek, Zigo, Matoušek – Lukošík, Preisinger, Sukeľ

facebook: Surák – Romaňák, Petgrave, Beaudry, Malina, Ordzovenský, Zekucia, Petrek – Rapáč, Kuru, trauch – Ščurko, Halama, Vrábe – Giľák, Tyczynski, Černý – Tomala, Vartovník, Džugík

Jääskeläinen was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the goalkeeper. Then Slovan played two more matches of strength, but in them he also did not prevail. The ratio of shots in the first half was 15:1 for the home team, but Surak succeeded in each of them.

Serving the second period seemed better to the guests. Cerny was obstructed by the home’s defense, but the guest attacker did not alter the subsequent criminal shooting. Then Slovan had the opportunity, but Matusek and Zigg failed in front of the goalkeeper. Rapuzzi did not succeed after them, but in the 37th minute the home team finally came out. Harris put the baton into the Gachulinca shot during the indicated disqualification and Surák no longer qualified – 1:0.

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In the third half, Slovan added a second goal, in the 46th minute Gacholink prevailed. Only after this goal did the rushers dare to threaten to break through Ščurk. Hope was poured out on them by Koro, who shot Godlevskis through concrete and eventually tried to equalize in power play. However, the Slavs did not let the deserved victory be taken.

Votes after the match:

Andrei Podkonic, assistant coach of Slovan: “We are happy that we managed the match. We had four strengths in the first period, but we shot a little. After the 2-0 goal, we can’t stop playing. Banker Gudlevskis supported us, thanks to him we stayed in the match.”

Spišská Nová Ves coach Miroslav Mosnar: “We started the third goal with three exceptions, we knew the elephant had good strength. We defended it. In the second third we were disciplined, but we weren’t dangerous. The second goal fell after our mistake, then we can make the match exciting…”