December 2, 2021

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Extraliga types: HC Slovan Bratislava – HK Poprad 2: 1

Yesterday 20:19

The hockey players of HC Slovan Bratislava defeated HK Poprad 2:1 in the preceding match of the 10th round of the over-the-counter league of Tipus on the ice at home. After Thursday’s win, they are at the top of the table one point ahead of Nitra and two points ahead of Michalovci, but both teams are staying on Friday. Poprad people continue to achieve unconvincing results, they lost their fourth game in a row to a goal and are in fourth place.

Before the opening bull, Slovenia captain Michal Cersen took charge of the jersey with the number 656, which indicates his record number of games for a Bratislava club. The 30-year-old defender broke Richard Kabosch’s record (655) in a previous extra-league duel on ice in Prešov. It was Kabosh who handed over the commemorative jersey to his successor on Thursday.

HC Slovan Bratislava – HK Poprad 2:1 (2:1, 0:0, 0:0)

Objectives: 14. Skull (Rabuzi, Yogan), 20. Yogan (Takai, Harris) 20- Bryjak (Mashar)

Decisive: Hronský, Novák – Jedlička, efčík Elimination: 3:4 for 2 minutes, Power-ups: 1:0, Weakness: 0:0, 2212 spectators.


HC Slovan Bratislava: Gudlevskis – MacKenzie, Sersen, Valach, Maier, Gachulinec, Golian, Beňo – Matoušek, Harris, Takáč – Sukeľ, Rapuzzi, Yogan – Klučiar, Kytnár, Bezák – Lukošík, Preisinger, Kundrík

Hong Kong Poprad: iliak – Brejčák, Drgoň, Rymsha, Dalhuisen, Novajovský, Ulrych, Demo – Handlovský, Bortňák, Livingston – išovský, Bjalončík, Mešár – Dzivjak, Paločko, Valigura – otek, Jevoš, Sokoli

The Poprad people initially played a power game after Matusek’s exclusion, but they did not significantly threaten Godlevskis. Then the spectators watched a balanced match, but the teams did not open their defenses much. The host team broke through the middle in the 14th minute of the match. Jogan broke through the middle of the ring in the attacking area, leaving the puck to Rabozzi, who found Suki, who skated from the second wave and whose goal was exactly – 1: 0. Thus the 25-year-old striker opened the account of a goal in the season. Taste “Belassim” and less than a minute before the end of the third half, Yogane added the second goal after the machine’s strength combination. Immediately after Takai’s shot, the left post rebounded to Schliak’s close-range goal. The Chamois managed to land 23 seconds before the sirens went off thanks to Brejčák, Gudlevskis had a hidden vision during his shot.

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Guests who tried to equalize, in the second half called for music, but came across an attentive cellophane guard. Svetana did not walk in front of him and Balochka’s end did not occur after turning around the goal. The host team was waiting for the opponent’s mistakes, and top scorers Suki and Yogan did not take advantage of good opportunities to increase their lead. Team Svitana didn’t get a chance. After 36 minutes, Gitlevskis had to leave the game due to a knee injury. He was replaced by Gitlevskis.

Pushing Poprad forward tirelessly in the third, Slovan continued to defend aggressively and relied on quick counter-attacks. Harris and Takáč did not use the 2-to-1 re-numbering when their hoped-for collaboration failed on the final pass. The guests developed offensive activity, but were unable to create focused pressure, and were also slowed down by Rymshu’s dismissal. Svetan’s chance weakened him, and Godlevskis held his team again. In the end, the Poprad people called the goalkeeper, but they could not cope. Takai sent the disc to the deserted Poprad Gate in the last seconds, but according to the judges, it was just after the time was up.

Votes after the match:

Robert Dom, coach of Slovan Bratislava: “We played the match well, we didn’t put it in an empty goal at 2:0, then the opponent scored the goal that gave him… In general, I have to be fair – this match can tend to both sides we had part of the match “the opponent had part from the match. Both teams worked on their chances. It was a tough match but both teams didn’t get to their level. We and the opponent were lacking more players. Both teams can win, we are happy with those points.”

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Hong Kong coach Peter Mikkola Poprad: “After two years we lost to Slovan. We managed to win a long series of matches, and today it collapsed. I will try to be right from my point of view – we had a playoff and the opponent scored goals. You cannot play for beauty. You cannot play without goals. If The attackers did not score goals, we will not succeed in matches like this.”

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