January 21, 2022

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Extraliga types: HC Prešov – HK Poprad 2: 4

Yesterday 20:15

HC Prešov’s hockey players lost in Friday’s game of the 25th round of the Tipos Overtime League at HK Poprad 2: 4. Sarısan has lost in the fifth of the past six duels.

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Additional Type – Twenty-fifth Round:

HC Presov – HK Poprad 2:4 (0:0, 1:2, 1:2)

Objectives: 32. Michnáč (imun, Lalík), 46. ilka (Zagrapan, Welychka) – 28. Dalhuisen (Livingston, Svitana), 37. Svitana (Livingston, Drgoň), 45. Rymsha (Ully, Arniel), 60. Dalhuisen

Decision: Baluška, Výleta – Frimmel, Bogdaň Elimination: 3:4 for 2 minutes, Power-ups: 0:1, weakening: 0:1, no spectators


HC Preshov: Bespalov – Rajnoha, Glazkov, F. Vekiach, Rzechka, Svoda, Rice, Turan – A.nosh, Chacho, Williska – Michenas, Simon, Lialka – Te Nosh, in Vykyach, Lalik – Selka, Zagraban, Mishkov

Hong Kong Poprad: T. Tomek – D. Brejčák, Drgoň, Rymsha, Dalhuisen, Demo, Ulrych, M. Mešár – Livingston, Skokan, P. Svitana – D. Bondra, Arniel, Ully – F. Mešár, Bjalončík, Paločko – Petráviš, Mlynaro Vallegora – Jevos

The goals in the match began to fall only from the second half, and in the 28th minute, the guest Dalhuisen opened the scoring, who hit the concrete of goalkeeper Bespalov. The home team’s response came four minutes later, when it aimed exactly towards the nearest Michnai pole. However, the “chamois” left for the dressing room, three and a half minutes before the end of the first half, Svetana prevailed.

In the 45th minute, Poprad people led two goals, Rimsha used the power game. However, the people of Prešov did not break the conclusion and add to the excitement, thanks to Silka’s goal after 49 seconds. The power game didn’t hit any level, although the people of Prešov also played six against four. On the other hand, Dalhuisen’s play was disappointing.

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