January 28, 2022

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Extraliga types: HC Nové Zámky – HK Dukla Trenčín 1: 5

Today 20:40

HC Nové Zámky’s hockey players lost their home game in the 29th round of the Tipos Overtime League Dukle Trenčín 1: 5. This was Dukla’s first match since December 22, and the “soldiers” had to postpone further duels for more tests Positive for the corona virus.

HC Nove Zamky – HK Dukla Trencin 1:5 (0:2, 0:3, 1:0)

Objectives: 47. Jackson (Farley, Netherlands) – 11. Berisha (Lemke, Taipor), 13. Berisha (German, Rehus), 23. Kraj (Rihus, Gare), 27. Mahbod (Menaric), 36. Mahbod (Berisha, Krajč) ).

Judges: Baluška, Moller – Junek, Jedlička, Commentary: 2:4, Power-ups: 1:0, Weaknesses: 0:1, 1058 spectators.


HC Nové Zámky: Bakala (27. Lackovi) – Knižka, Bull, Hatala, Meszároš, Ligas, Holenda, Tóth – Ahlholm, Langkow, Klempa – Jackson, iška, Farley – Varga, Barto, Števuliak – Mišiak, Ondrušek, Ferenyi

HK Dukla Trenčín: Bowns – Lemcke, Kudla, E. vec, Crinon, Mayor, Nemčík, Martiška, Krajčovič – Berisha, Mahbod, Tybor – Hudec, Valach, Honzek – Minárik, J. vec, Bezúch – Krajč, Rehuš, Gaťár

The biggest question before the match was in what light the Trinion would appear after the coronation. From the first minutes, it was clear that Dukla’s break helped, she was better on the ice in Novi Zamki and shot the home team in the first twenty minutes. Two of the pucks got into Bacalo’s net, and in both cases the Canadian Barisha finished completely.

In the second half, two goals were scored and again in the goal of the host team. First, after Zamouni’s mistake, Karaji survived, and also took advantage of his 0:3 chance. The same player found himself in another escape, even weakening himself, but this time he failed. This powerful play did not hit the home team at all, after another mistake they punished Mahboud. After this goal, Bacala was replaced by substitute Lakovic. However, up to this point the Trinion had not slowed down, and by the end of the second twenty-minute period, Mahboud scored their fifth goal again.

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In the third period, the guests guarded their progress with an overview. They were not interrupted by Jackson’s goal, which adjusted the score of the match to the final 1: 5. He was then close to Mahboud, but Lakovic caught him. The last word of the match was scored by Bounces, who did not allow Michic to score.

Votes after the match:

HC Nové Zámky coach Gergeli Majoros: “I think we had a good start right from the start, the first substitutions were good, but it was clear Trenchin hadn’t played for a while and they were hungry for hockey. They had more energy than we had. We had some parts of the game where we were very passive defending the central area. It wasn’t the game we usually played at all. We gave them a lot of time and space and created chances. It didn’t go according to our ideas at all. We were better than our opponent in the last two games with Trenchin and we found a way to win, but today it wasn’t like that. They got three points. We are looking forward.”

Tero Lehera, coach of HK Dukla Trenchen: “First of all, I would like to say it is great to be back. We haven’t played for a long time and I’m happy with our victory today. I’m even happier because I know we can be so much better. But we have to be more motivated in order to get a better result, stronger, More united… I hope the result will improve after more matches.”

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