October 23, 2021

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Extraliga types: HC Košice – HC Prešov 2: 1

Yesterday 19:48

Hockey players from HC Košice beat HC Prešov 2:1 in the sixth round of the Tipos overtime league.

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Additional type – sixth grade:

HC Kosice – HC Presov 2:1 (0:0, 1:0, 1:0)

Objectives: 30- Slovak (Saucerman, McPherson) 49. Chovan (Klhůfek, Tansey) – 54. Zagrapan (Sýkora)

Decision making: Snášel, Fridrich – Stanzel, Gegá Disqualification: 5:4 for two minutes Power-ups: 0:1, weakening: 0:0, 1583 spectators


HC Kosice: Košarišan – Saucerman, Wehrs, Tansey, Deyl, Romančík, Cibák, Jacko – Bartánus, Slovák, McPherson – Pereskokov, Chovan, Rogoň – Lapšanský, Klhůfek, Belluš – Milý, Havrila, Jokeľ

HC Preshov: Bespalov – Bakala, Rais, Lalík, Růžika, Jendroľ, Turan, F. Fekiač – Sýkora, Čacho, Charbonneau – Žilka, Klíma, Jokinen – Halama, Zagrapan, Magdolen – Bača, V. Fekiač, imun – Miškuf

At the beginning of the match, Kosice’s team tried to score a quick goal, but with a numerous shot they collided with the goalkeeper of Preshov Bespalov, who grabbed his team several times. Guests in the first trimester were threatened mainly by breaks. In the fifth minute, Zagrebian broke through an opportunity, but missed the Kocharestan goal. Two minutes later, the right throat rang, which Charbonneau had struck. The home team had a great shooting advantage in the first part, which was also helped by strong play in the 18th minute, but they did not defeat Bisbal. With the biggest chance yet, striker Košice McPherson got in the 25th minute, but after a short escape, he didn’t surprise Bespal.

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The second third was also mainly about the game’s dominance over the local population, which is gradually gradual. In the 28th minute, the Kosice people came to the power game, but managed to collect it. Prešov Šimun’s husband – Viktor Fekiač managed to escape, but the latter did not quite end. The people of Prešov could have regretted it twice, as the Slovak soon got the shot and a second after the unlikely return of Zagraban, defeated Bespalov – 1: 0. In the 32nd minute, acho could not equalize in a promising position, as his team came under great pressure During the second part of the second part. Kosice’s players settled in front of Bespalov for a long time in the 15th minute but did not use the pressure. This didn’t happen even while playing with signal strength, when they dominated the opponent for more than a minute, but Bespalov also thwarted Bartanos’ ending. At the end of the second half, the Slovak slipped during a four-for-four match, when he took the puck to Čach in the middle zone, but did not add the second goal.

The goalkeeper Bespalov was also a great support for the visitors in the third half, in the 44th minute with a quick “traffic light”, he nullified the Slovak’s shot. Šimun had a fantastic opportunity to score another goal for Košarišťan in the 45th minute, but he shot it just over the bar. After 49 minutes, the home team managed to take a 2 – 0 lead, with Chovan firing in a cross from the right. The visitors returned to the match after 54 minutes with a superb free kick shot that went under the top corner. Sýkora found Zagrapan with a shot that beat Košarišťan – 2: 1. The guests soon had several other advantages, but they did not take advantage of it. In the 59th minute, Klhůfek did not add a goal lock after the break with Chovan.

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Votes after the match:

HC Košice coach Kali Kaskinen: “We had three days behind us, which we used to train and prepare for this match. Most of the players did what we wanted up to the point. I watched the opponent prepare for the match, and also the coach’s work, so I knew how he was going to play. The result was tight, but we managed to win. If you want to. To win, you need a good goalkeeper and players who can score. Today we had such players. We remain humble and go from one game to the next.”

Ernst Bocros, coach of HC Prešov: “I am very sorry for this loss to the players only. We put a certain organization of the game, and they did very well. Kosice was often with the puck in our country in third place, but the purpose is sacred. We managed to eliminate the Kosice game and I am so sorry that we got Two goals from weakness, in a row. Right after them. Our problem in the long run is that we score few goals and have few chances. We need to improve attacking. I’m sorry today, because the players at least deserve a point.”

Marc-Andre Fleury performed a famous procedure during training: