January 29, 2022

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Extraliga types: HC GROTTO Prešov – HC Košice 4: 7

Today 20:46

HC Košice’s hockey players won the 50th Regional Tournament of the Tipos Overtime League on the ice at HC GROTTO Prešov 7:4. They laid the foundation for Sunday’s victory early in the game, when they scored three goals in a span of 73 seconds and advanced 3-0 from the fifth minute.

You can watch Duel HC GROTTO Prešov – HC Košice ONLINE at < Šport.sk <

Extraliga – Round 50:

HC GROTTO Presov – HC Kosice 4:7 (1:4, 2:2, 1:1)

Objectives: 9. Čacho (Welychka, Turan), 28. ilka (Welychka, Glazkov), 40. Welychka (A. Nauš), 54. Lialka (Ťavoda, Zagrapan) – 4. Klhůfek (Snuggerud, Chovan), 5. Lapšanský (Linet ), Jokeľ), 5. Paršin (Slovak, Pereskokov), 9. Chovan (Snuggerud, McPherson), 34. Rogoň (Bartánus), 39. McPherson (Chovan), 52. Pereskokov (Paršin). Judges: D. Konc Senior, Fridrich – Jurčiak, Frimmel, disqualification: 3: 2 for two minutes, Power-ups: 1: 1, weaken: 0: 0, changes: 5. Petrík in place of Bespalov (Preš.), no Spectator.

Preshov: Bespalov (5. Petrik) – Savoda, Rajnoha, F.
Kosice: Riečický – Snuggerud, Saucerman, edivý, Romančík, Cibák, Deyl, Štec – McPherson, Chovan, Klhůfek – Paršin, Slovák, Pereskokov – Rogoň, Mrázik, Bartánus – Jokeľ, Linet, Lapšanský

Riečický has netted Košice for the first time since November 17. They had a perfect start to the match, in which they basically decided to win. Their successful clip was started in the fourth minute by Klhůfek, who fired Bespalov in a solid 0:1 game. Shortly thereafter, Košice counterattacked, as Lapšanský took advantage of Lineta’s pass. When, after 46 seconds, Russian striker Parchin increased 3-0 to the visitors, and his compatriot Bespalov was sent off to the substitute. Trek replaced him, but he did not stop the opponent. He kept a clean sheet for only 185 seconds, after which Chauvin hit a Macpherson shot – 0:4. Prešov’s team also entered the fertile section in the ninth minute, when exposed Čacho reached the disc behind Riečický – 1: 4.

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In the 21st minute, the home team managed to get a great chance for Chauvin and in seven minutes they returned to the match. Silka used the power game between circles – 2: 4. But the Kosice people did not allow drama and in the 34th minute they returned to three goals. The score was 2:5 by Rogoň, who finished Bartánus’ work. In the 39th minute, after Chauvin’s pass, McPherson won and the second third, who was also rich in goals, was closed by the home team Welychka – 3: 6.

In the last period, the host team had more shots than the opponent, but they were not able to reverse the situation. In the 52nd minute, Bereskukov took advantage of a pass from behind Parchin’s goal and increased the difference by four goals – 3: 7. Jules’ fertile match ended with the intervention of the home team at 4: 7, and he took over after Svoda’s shot to Yalka, who ran the puck’s ball and scored his first goal in the Slovak League additional.