March 7, 2021

Explained: Why did Moin Ali’s return to the UK cause a stir?

Moin Ali will not feature in the remaining two Tests of the Indian tour. Because, in the words of Captain Joe Root, the off-spinning all-rounder has “chosen to go home”. The England selectors and team management for this turbulent year have been caught up in a cyclical policy, but in the case of other players, the matter was taken out of the player’s hands, and the manner in which Moin’s exit is described suggests that it was purely the player’s call.

Some sections of the UK media have pointed out that the spinner has fallen victim to a different treatment when he wants to return to the T20 series with one eye, giving the impression that he is leaving the team in the midst of an important and challenging Test series. In the Indian Premier League. Former captains Michael Vaughan and Kevin Pietersen have also been critical of Moin’s departure.

Like many other format players, he was given a retirement window after the first two Tests against India. But after playing in only one of the four Tests in Sri Lanka and India, the team management may have hoped that Moin would drop his break after being the only replacement in the squad, such as the inexperienced and inexperienced Dom Bess.

The Guardian’s Ali Martin noted some of the maneuvers in the controversy, while Moin said he had not released any discussion to the media on other occasions of player rotation chief selector Ed Smith and head coach Chris Silverwood.

Why is Moin going back?

Because he is tired of living in isolation. He could not play any game in Sri Lanka as he was contracted with Govt-19. He played in the second Test in Chennai and has now chosen to return home. He has been isolated since the beginning of January and if he is selected in the IPL auction, that period will last till the end of May – a total of six months.

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What was the controversy over his decision to go back?

Root was in the way he designed his departure. Until now, all other players sent home – Sam Curran, Mark Wood, Johnny Burstow, Jose Butler – have been blamed by the UK administration for the rotation policy. As for Moin, Rudd said, “It’s not about asking him if he wants to stay. That was the decision he chose. He wants to leave the bubble, which is perfectly reasonable. We respect where he is. It was a very tricky tour for him. As mentioned at the beginning, if the players thought they had to get out of the bubble, it was an option, and I think it was very important that we stand up for it. That decision has been made, and he feels it well. ”

How did the English media react?

The Guardian’s Andy Bull writes: “From this distance, Moin’s situation is no different from that of Jose Butler or Johnny Burstow (like them, he would play in the IPL if he was taken by a franchise). But by describing it as Moin’s decision, Rudd is open to accusations that he has no commitment. It would be an awkward way to treat any player, but it’s especially good for someone who has spoken before about how he felt about being ‘one of the first people to get revenge’ and who England’s own spin is. Bowling coach Jeetan Patel only said, ‘I need to feel a little love from the game’.