November 30, 2021

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Experts say the conquest of space is a real possibility: we must be prepared for it

When we say invasion from space, almost everyone will almost certainly imagine the green men on flying saucers who came from another galaxy to destroy all our sight. Despite these clichés, which we see especially in science fiction movies, scientists with serious faces claim that the conquest of space is something we should be prepared for.

But the danger lies not in highly advanced and sinister civilizations, but in tiny microorganisms that may exist in space, he writes IFL Science. These organisms can survive the journey through space, for example from Mars, and cause diseases on Earth, which people have no immunity to.

But this caution goes the other way. Scientists preparing for space missions should make sure of this Our microorganisms do not endanger potential life on another planet or moon.

“With the advent of SpaceX and similar companies, there are more players in the space industry than ever before in human history. Dr. Phil Casey, a biosafety specialist, explains that contamination by microorganisms is a very small risk, but it can be It has unimaginable consequences.

Of course, there is a possibility that the rest of our solar system will be lifeless. In this case, nothing can put us at risk, and we cannot endanger biological organisms on another cosmic body. However, there are many suitable realms that can sustain life. These worlds are Mars, where the roaming probe is currently searching for traces of ancient life and the moon Europa, or Enceladus. Life on these moons can exist in the ocean beneath their surface.

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More stringent prevention is needed

If life existed in our system, according to many experts, we would be facing humanity’s biggest problem. In addition to private companies, many global powers also fly into space. If any of them bring home a deadly virus, The consequences will affect the whole planet.

Nowadays, sterilization is the responsibility of specific agencies or companies planning the task. But for them, this is an extra cost for an already expensive task, so it might happen They do not take this area of ​​security seriously.

On the other hand, if we brought bacteria from Earth to Mars, for example, it could eliminate or significantly disrupt the normal microorganisms on the planet. Once again, it will be something that will affect our entire planet, However, future researchers will have to be careful about this.

The situation described here occurs not only on a space scale, but also here on Earth. It has happened many times that people have brought new organisms to remote and isolated places. The results have always been disastrous. According to experts, it is the so-called isolated ecosystems – those that have no experience with the world outside them – that are most at risk. It is much easier to eliminate dangers here on Earth than to solve a problem on another planet.

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