January 29, 2022

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Experts say a heat wave causes a chapter in the “massive” melting of ice

Since Wednesday, glacier experts have warned that about eight billion tons of ice, covering the vast Arctic, is melting every day, doubling the average rate over the summer.

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Climate conditions in the Arctic are of concern to glaciers. A heat wave in Greenland, with temperatures hovering above ten degrees Celsius, caused a melting event this week. “Massive” Warn the glaciers of the Greenland ice cap Polar portal, A modeling tool is managed by Danish research institutes. Since Wednesday, July 28, about eight billion tons of ice covering the vast Arctic has been melting every day, more than double the average rate over the summer.

According to the Danish Meteorological Agency DMI, local records, with unusual temperatures, were recently recorded in Greenland. At the small Nerlerit Inat airport in northeastern Greenland, mercury reached 23.4 degrees on Thursday, the hottest level since weather station measurements began and the highest temperature ever recorded in Denmark. This heat wave affected much of the vast Arctic, accelerating the melting of ice as a result.

In comparison, the amount of molten water released daily in recent days “Cover the entire surface of Florida with two inches of water.”, Emphasizes the polar portal. Greenland’s daily melting record has not been broken since the summer of 2019, but the site said the area of ​​icy melted Greenland is larger than it was two years ago.

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