January 22, 2022

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Experience a chilling adventure in an ice hotel in northern Sweden

Ice Hotel was built in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden in 1989, which is now for the first time One of a kind hotel In the world. In the market Mention him now the new Apartment with a touch of royal charm.

For those who prefer a holiday in a warm climate under the palm trees, a visit to the Ice Hotel may not be the right choice. However, for those who are not afraid of new challenges and adventures, a reward in the form of a unique and exciting experience awaits them.

About 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, visitors to the ICEHOTEL ice hotel in the Swedish city of Jukkasjärvi can spend the night in the ice kingdom.

Photo: icehotel.com

From the art gallery to the hotel

The story of the extraordinary real estate began in 1989 with an exhibition of ice art. First, a large igloo was set up as an exhibition space for artwork. Shortly thereafter, the first potential guests became interested in the possibility of staying in an icy environment. This was the birth of the idea of ​​building the world’s first ice hotel.

Today, the Ice Hotel is not only the oldest of its kind, but also a huge art gallery. Each room has its own logo. Artists from around the world transform frozen bedrooms into suites lavishly furnished with ice sculptures and other creative details – every winter. The hotel has been rebuilt and rebuilt every year since its inception.

Icehotel Deluxe Raindrop Suite prelude.jpeg

Photo: icehotel.com

In October, when temperatures in Jukkasjärvi dip below zero, construction begins. The building materials for the unusual hotel come from the frozen river Torne. Tons of ice mixed with snow are then transformed into walls, beds and statues.

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In 2016, a permanent complex equipped with solar cooling technology was launched in the hotel. Open all year round, it features a bar, art gallery, and several apartments.

The embodiment of Swedish nature

The world’s first hotel built of snow and ice has unveiled a brand new apartment designed by Prince Carl Philip of Sweden with his business partner Oskar Kjellberg.

The couple were chosen from among 32 artists selected to create the latest iteration of the 2,870-square-foot seasonal hotel, which this time consists of 12 art suites, 24 ice rooms and one ballroom.

Midsummer Nights Dream Icehotel 1.jpeg

Photo: icehotel.com

The luxurious suite called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” contains floral and botanical elements to embody the pristine nature of Scandinavia. The walls are decorated with icicles filled with colorful flowers, while huge ice chandeliers hang from the ceiling, hiding various plants.

Bernadotte and Kielberg claim that their goal was to create an atmosphere that reflected the celebration of the summer solstice, one of Sweden’s most popular holidays.

arctic environment

According to the official website of the hotel, the temperature inside is constantly between -5 and 7 degrees Celsius. Those who book their stay will receive special sleeping bags as well as a “survival course” to help them adjust to the freezing environment.

Overnight guests can check into their rooms from 6 p.m., but the hotel’s heated service building is open 24 hours a day, so they can return to a warm environment if needed.

Icehotel_art suite_you are here_design_elisabeth kristensen_dave ruane_photo_asaf kliger 4.jpeg

Photo: icehotel.com

Since the Ice Hotel first opened its doors, a number of new ice hotels have appeared in the world, such as the Canadian Hotel de Glace near Quebec or the Roman Ice Hotel located in the heart of the Fajaras Mountains in the Roman Carpathians.

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The Ice Hotel opened the winter season on December 10, which will run until April 15, 2022.