January 29, 2022

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European Volleyball Championship: Slovakia – Estonia 2: 3

Today 17:33

The Slovak volleyball players did not make their second appearance at the European Championships 2021. In Group D in Tallinn, they lost to the Estonians 2: 3, although they advanced 2: 0 for the groups.

Slovakia-Estonia duel you can watch it online at SPORT.sk >>

The Slovaks scored the first point in the table, on Monday at 16.00 they will play against Latvia.

Slovakia – Estonia 2:3 (25, 22, -18, -14, -13)

They decided: Atanas Varbanov (BUL) and Laszlo Adler (HUN)


Slovakia: Ferkac, Gavinda, Goz, Krajsowicz, Krishko, Maluha, Michalovic, Nemec, Ondrovic, Balgot, Batak, Bukobek, Torres, Zeman

Estonia: Aganits, Hurt, Kaibald, Kollo, Greek, Maar, Rikberg, Will, Tammearu, Tammemaa, Teppan, Vanker, Venno, Viiber

The Slovaks started with two changes in the starting lineup, Ondrovic and Javinda had the chance. The coach of the trustees Marek Kardoš started the duel perfectly, leading 6: 2. The Slovak national team presented itself with a good match on the field and kept the opponent at a distance. However, the Estonians gradually improved their service and defense and equalized 15:15. The decision was finally made, as the Slovaks celebrated the success, at 26:25, after smashing Michalovic, they turned to the third set.

At the beginning of the second term, the Estonians presented themselves with several inaccurate accounts. The Slovaks could not reach the top, but in the second half of the group they maintained a two-point lead and increased the score to 20:15 when Krišek was turned over. Despite the strong support of the public, the Estonians were not able to eliminate the shortage.

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In the third set, the Baltic team began playing with greater risks on serve and led at a speed of 4: 1. Although the Slovaks tied, the Estonians bounced off them again and after smashing Fina the score was 19:14. The central figure was Tiban, who scored eight points in the third set and finished it with a header in 24:18.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the two teams alternated in the lead, but after a series of Slovak errors, the Estonians took a 12:8 lead. The Slovaks could not cope with the smashing services of Venna, who shone with an eight-point wire. The Estonian leadership increased to 22:11 and the winner of the fifth set fencing had to be decided.

At the start of Crucial, the Slovaks eliminated Fina and Tepan and took the lead in a ratio of 5:2. The Estonians tied 6:6, but Kardos’s charges bounced back by three points. However, they did not maintain the lead. The home team tied in a 9:9 ratio and in the end they had the upper hand. At 14:13, they switched to a second swordplay after breaking the Slovak’s sixth serve during the set.