November 28, 2021

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EU diplomats have approved a fifth package of sanctions against Belarus

On Monday, European Union foreign ministers reached a political agreement to impose a fifth package of sanctions on Belarus. The Latvian Foreign Minister, Edgars Rinkevich, who attended the meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels, informed the news agency (LETA) about this.

“For technical reasons, he has not yet been able to provide more detailed information about the sanctions,” he said. Middle East to Belarus.

According to Rinkevich, more information will be released in the coming days.

He added that the heads of diplomacy also talked about the possibility of imposing a sixth package of sanctions if immigration pressures from Belarus continued.

Flights to Belarus

Meanwhile, the European Union is trying to stop the arrival of flights to Belarus. Vice-President of the European Commission Margaritis Schinas is currently on a tour of Iraq to persuade the countries from which illegal immigrants come or from which they are trying to prevent them from traveling to Belarus.

Several airlines, such as Turkey and Syria, have already announced restrictions on flights to Belarus.

According to European Union pressure, Turkey announced that it would cancel the sale of one-way tickets for Minsk flights and would not allow travelers with passports from Iraq, Syria and Yemen to board at Minsk from Turkish airports.

The Syrian Cham Wings Airlines announced, at the end of last week, the suspension of its flights to the Belarusian capital.

The flow of people is now ‘almost under control’

European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said in Brussels on Monday that the flow of people arriving in Belarus was now “almost under control”. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said the bloc’s goal should be to make Minsk airport and possibly the whole of Belarus. Time “no-fly zone”. According to him, the countries affected by the crisis will gain certainty that there are no planes landing in Belarus likely to transport people with the intention of “immigrating, crossing the border illegally.”

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According to the Darfur Peace Agreement, the humanitarian situation at the Polish-Belarus border is deteriorating – in part due to lower air temperatures. Many of the migrants camping abroad have no shelter or just a simple tent.

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East camp in the eastern border regions of Poland who want to reach Poland and from there to Europe. However, the European Union accuses Belarus of deliberately bringing people to Eastern Europe and then trying to move them to the West.