January 29, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Eternity and the building that tamed a black hole. A strange civilization can be discovered in a book 61 years ago

In an attempt to discover an alien civilization living on a distant planet, we rely on the so-called biometric fingerprints, that is, for every element, molecule, substance or property that can prove the existence of life in the past or present.

The origin of the idea of ​​the Dyson field

connect to Biometrics indicate chemical compounds and life-related processes. In addition, there are projects in which scientists focus not on biological effects but on technological implications that confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life in the past or present (technical signature).

What could be a greater technological footprint than the gigantic superstructure surrounding a star or black hole that guarantees an alien civilization an enormous source of energy? This is a famous Dyson ball, and so far it is just a hypothetical structure built around a star or black hole, the task of which is to collect a large amount of energy.

However, this is not a new revolutionary idea. The first description of such a building was shared in 1937 by Olaf Stapledon in the science fiction novel Star Maker. In it, the author described star systems Surrounded by light traps that focus the star’s escape energy for clever use..

This concept was later published by English physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson in 1960. In his contribution, Dyson speculated that such a structure should be a logical consequence of the rising energy needs of a technologically advanced civilization.

Thus, it is a thought experiment that sought to explain how advanced extraterrestrial civilizations might be able to meet relentless energy demands that exceeded what could only be created from planet Earth’s resources.

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The Dyson sphere is often interpreted as a large hollow sphere around a star. However, such a description is also wrong, according to Dyson, because, as he puts it, a solid ring or cap is not mechanically possible.

Dyson Ring FedExcent / Wikimedia

Also for this reason, the paranoid builder went through many revolutionary ideas, with the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe Dyson squadron being the most dominant. According to many, this is the most likely alternative to the said build and the closest alternative to the original Dyson concept.

Dyson’s swarm consists of a large number of independent objects orbiting the star. It is considered more appropriate for these objects to form a large ring, that is, to share the same orbit, thus avoiding collisions.

Of course, the more loops that can be formed, the more energy they can capture. In this case, various forms of wireless transmission will be used to transmit power.

Dysonov Rouge FedExcent / Wikimedia

The problem could be, in addition to the incredibly complex orbital mechanics and technology, a change in the star’s brightness. As Freeman Dyson wrote in his original letter, “Search for artificial stellar sources of infrared radiation(Search for artificial stellar sources of infrared radiation):

“If extraterrestrial intelligent beings exist and reach a high level of technological development, it is likely that one of the byproducts of their energy metabolism will be the extensive conversion of stellar light into the far infrared.”

It will help uncover an alien civilization