December 9, 2021

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ESET has received the Tech Cares Award for its activities in the field of corporate social responsibility

ESET has received the Tech Cares Award for its activities in the field of corporate social responsibility

As a global leader in cybersecurity, ESET understands its responsibility for the business environment in which it operates. Therefore, it carries out many activities that contribute to the development of society. As an international organization noted the approach of the Slovak company TrustRadius, which awarded ESET the 2021 Tech Cares Award. The second year of the award highlighted companies that have made an outstanding contribution to strong corporate social responsibility (CSR).

A prerequisite for receiving the Tech Cares Award is to work in technology for corporate clients and demonstrate strong social responsibility in 2020 and 2021. Anyone, including employees or corporate partners, had the opportunity to nominate the organization. All nominations have been carefully evaluated by a team of experts from TrustRadius.

ESET focuses on achieving meaningful progress in society as a whole, the environment and culture. By motivating its employees to volunteer in various fields, ESET plays an active role in helping the company and demonstrating its commitment to the wider community. The ESET Foundation provides support through its grant program. This fund assists employees in financing volunteer projects of which they are a part.

A top priority for a Slovak company is education in cyber security. ESET Global Initiative Safer for kids online It reflects the mission of building a safer online environment for children so that they can fully and risk-free enjoy all the possibilities that the Internet has to offer. This initiative is tracked by a platform in Slovakia Safe on the network, which provides practical information on digital traps not only for children but also for parents and the general public.

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Award for Exceptional Scientists ESET Science Prize In turn, he emphasizes the importance of important scientific discoveries. Since 2019, the award has sought to attract talented students to scientific careers and to raise awareness of Slovak science on a global scale. ESET firmly believes that cutting-edge science is the basis of development and progress in the country. ESET is also a member of the Digital Skills Initiative, which promotes teacher education.

ESET is also working to reduce its overall environmental impact. In cooperation with the Institute of Circular Economy, it regularly monitors energy consumption and waste production. It motivates employees to a sustainable lifestyle and supports cycling to work.

“Doing business in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner is a key element of ESET. By working with motivated employees who have acquired ethical values, we can create a safer technology environment. Through our cutting-edge security solutions, support for education and research and a commitment to development, we want to contribute to positive change. Not only in the digital world, but also in society as a whole.” said Zuzana Legáthová, Director of Analyst Relationships at ESET.

You can find more about ESET’s CSR activities at Our Location.