October 21, 2021

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Environment – Implementation of JAS Park Revitalization Project

It is one of the few continuous green areas in the central metropolitan area, and this area is currently underrepresented. There is a residential area nearby, which means that the space is mainly used by residents and due to its proximity to the intercity bus station and city visitors.

A study of the area in question was prepared and then the project was documented by a professionally qualified person, through which the city applied for subsidy from various institutions. Due to the financial complexity of the implementation of the entire project, the implementation was divided into several stages.

In the first stage, as part of the activation, we conducted an assessment of the existing trees by a professionally qualified person, cutting down the old trees and required sharp wood treatments. The main pier and a new thresher deck will be constructed in the central part of the park. It is proposed to create perennial beds, plant trees and install certified park benches.

In 2020, the city of Galanta received a financial donation of €4,000 from První stavebná sporiteľňa for the project in question.

In 2021, the civil association Zelený plán submitted an application for a subsidy within the second round of the “Trnava Region Development Fund” program to implement part of the Jas parčík Galanta project in the amount of 10,000 euros, in which it succeeded.

Creation Date: 4/10/2021
Last update: 4. 10. 2021 09:42

author: Mgr. Andrea Slavikova

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