January 21, 2022

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Elona Muska gets annoyed by the bathroom, they’re interfering with Starlink’s internet signal

satellite internet starlink He is currently going through a relatively difficult period. Not only is the launch of new satellites into orbit delayed due to a lack of chips, but the signal is sometimes dropped from satellites already in orbit. The root of this problem is pretty funny, if we don’t count Ilona Mosca | and his team.

as he writes BBCStarlink netizens around the world this week experienced a massive outage. Alan Woodward, an expert in cybernetics and several beta testers, claims that the Internet connection simply disappeared for a moment. And what’s the reason? nobody knows. But Woodward sees signs of an accidental interruption They are guilty of the bathroomWho liked to sit on a satellite receives a signal from his colleagues in space.

However, this is not a serious problem. For example, streaming videos are said to work without any issues, with the expectation of achieving download speeds od 150 did 200 MB/sec. Signal outages are certainly annoying, but at the same time they are not unsolvable and not particularly critical.

Photo: SpaceX / Starlink

Creating a Starlink Internet is certainly not a cheap salvation. First of all, the user needs an introductory package consisting of the equipment necessary to receive the signal that Woodward says stands around £500 (about 580 euros). After that, he still has to pay a subscription every month, which also depends on a not very small amount. Specifically, it should be £89 (about 104 euros).

The idea of ​​the fact that such an expensive service can be disposed of with such a popular thing as a set of bathroom simply attracts everyone’s corners.

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Currently, SpaceX has about 1700 Starlink satelliteIt orbits the Earth at an altitude of about 550 km. One course takes them 90 minutes. In the future, the company plans to enrich its space collection with thousands of other satellites. Not only will this enhance availability, but it will also enhance the performance or stability of your signal.