January 21, 2022

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Elon Musk laughed at the Metaverse. He mentioned his biggest weakness that no one realized! He added that Neuralink would be better

Metaverse is supposed to be the next generation of the internet. At least this technology Posted by Mark ZuckerbergCEO of Meta (formerly Facebook). Mark described this technology as Something that will take us to virtual reality, where we will work, live and also have fun. Under this, you can imagine that in the morning you will join this online world, where you will work, and later “get off work” and go to a concert or with a friend for a “beer”. Just for fun, Meta recently showed off a prototype of the gauntlet that is capable of conveys the feeling of touch from virtual reality.

Musk says the Metaverse, as Facebook wants it to be, isn’t exactly nutty

Last Elon Musk has also commented on the Metaverse project Through an interview with The Babylon Bee magazine, which did not leave a single dry thread on the project. The portal drew attention to the topic Futurism.com.

Musk asked a rhetorical question, “Am I one of the few who rejected the Internet in 1995 as a fad or something that would never bring anything?” “Of course you can put the TV on your nose,” he added sarcastically. “I’m not sure that’s what brings us to the Metaverse.” It’s a long way from what the Metaverse wants it to be.”

Musk also mentioned that l A brain implant is a much better alternative. Of course, he highlighted the Neuralink chip his company is behind.

“In the long run, a cutting-edge Neuralink can completely put you into things like virtual reality,” he said.

In the words above, Musk hinted at the fact that When the project concept was presented to us, it required us to wear some equipment. He also said that having some kind of screen in front of your eyes all day is probably not something any of us like. Unlike the Neuralink technology, where the chip is implanted directly into the patient’s brain. In other words, it is inconvenient to wear certain glasses or other equipment. Among other things, it should be noted that musk i Show what this slide can do. Of course, it’s still just a prototype of something we may not have seen in the market on a large scale for years.

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Musk doesn’t see much meaning in Web3 yet

Musk also commented on the Web3 project which is the concept of Internet democratization, Which is built around blockchain technology. The main difference from today’s Internet is that it contrasts with Web 2.0, where data and content are centralized in the hands of a small group of companies, sometimes referred to as “Big Tech”.

“I don’t understand,” he added lightly. “But I don’t think I understood enough yet, let’s say that,” Musk said.

In conclusion, however, it should be noted that Musk doesn’t reject the idea of ​​Metaverse and Web3Rather, I thought out loud about translating these concepts into reality.

Anyway, are you considering a Metaverse project or a Neuralink chip? Let us know what you think below in the comments.

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