November 30, 2021

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Elizabeth II of England: Do not wear a helmet while riding for safety reasons British Royal Family Royalty |  Nnda |  nnni

Elizabeth II of England: Do not wear a helmet while riding for safety reasons British Royal Family Royalty | Nnda | nnni

Did you notice this explanation? After he canceled his first official back pain treatment and spent the night in hospital, his health is worrying in the UK and other parts of the world. The queen though At age 95, many times, in good physical and mental condition, horseback riding, some of the activities he enjoyed doing without a helmet, he could no longer do with medical facilities.

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Horseback riding is prohibited

The king eagerly bids her farewell. According to the tabloid newspaper The sun He also regretted not being able to ride the horse for a while. “It was part of his ritual for most of his life.”.

Elizabeth II, considered an avid rider and an avid fan of racing, should retire.

On horseback without helmet

From an early age, Isabel II. She loves to ride Since Wednesday , A week ‘, Do this action “You will not spoil your hair without a helmet”.

An example of this is when he was caught riding in the woods around Windsor in 2020, after his 73rd wedding anniversary with Philip from Edinburgh. He was wearing a brown coat and scarf. He was seen with his main master Terry Pendry.

Everything is said to indicate that the queen did not like the helmet, because in old age she was sometimes photographed wearing a silk scarf or a scarf under her cheek. He still prefers not to wear a safety helmet while riding a horse.

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On one occasion, when asked why he avoided using them, he showed his sense of humor, noting that he did this to avoid confusion, and reminded his narrator that cutting hair was not an easy thing to do. On , நெசவு ‘.

English Elizabeth II. Caught riding for the first time since the eruption in 2020. (Photo: AFP)

Love on Elizabeth II’s horses

At the onset of Elizabeth II’s epidemic. She ordered her horses to be moved from Buckingham Palace barn to Hampton Court Palace near London, where she would have to keep them close until they were locked up in Windsor.

The well-being of the animals is also very important to her, and since she has been riding them since childhood, she loves to access, feed and nurture them.

“His Majesty has loved riding since childhood and is closely related to the well-being of the horses he owns for breeding, riding and racing.”As they say from the British Royal Palace.

Elizabeth II gave her father a Shetland horse named George VI Becky and learned to ride when she was four years old.

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