October 21, 2021

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Elections in the Czech Republic: What meeting did Babis Orban invite?

Elections in the Czech Republic: What meeting did Babis Orban invite?

ÚSTÍ Club Labem. Although a commotion was heard from the Libuše opera at first, people did not come here to listen to Bedřich Smetana’s compositions.

Instead, they came to listen to a debate between allied politicians. The North Bohemia Opera and Ballet Theater in Usti nad Labem was packed on Wednesday evening with supporters and co-members of the Czech Prime Minister. Andre Babes. The Hungarian Prime Minister brought them to a town in North Bohemia Victor Urban.

In addition to his official visit to the Czech Republic, Urban has decided to support Babis in the future Parliamentary elections.

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Orban came to Usti nad Labem district – where Babis was the candidate leader of the YES movement, an honorary guest and a “campaign peak”, as presented by some members of the Babis government’s ANO movement.

The instructions given to the parties are also consistent with this. “The hall has a capacity of 400 people and must be filled,” some members of the movement instructed in a widely circulated text message, relayed by Hospodáské noviny. Despite the call, dozens of seats remained empty in the stands on Wednesday evening.

The event was cheerfully moderated by Deputy ANO Aleš Juchelka.

Orban asked if Andrej Babis’ hard work was the reason the Czechs should elect him again.

“I don’t know how the Czechs will decide, but I will quietly leave my place to him. Hungarians would be happy if they had a good prime minister,” Orban said of Babis.

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