January 19, 2022

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Elections in Russia: more than 98% of the votes are counted

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the parliamentary elections in Russia were open and fair.

The Kremlin is assessing the election results positively, Interfax and RIA Novosti reported.

Russia’s ruling United Russia party won this year’s parliamentary elections. Based on preliminary results and more than 98 percent of the votes counted, she won 49.8 percent of the vote and defended the parliamentary majority.

According to the Central Election Commission (ÚVK), the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF) is in second place with 19.05% of the vote, and in third place is the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (7.48%). In addition, the Fair Russia-Patriots-For Truth party also passed the five percent mark with 7.41 percent of the vote and the New People’s Entity (5.36 percent).

A Kremlin spokesman responded to the election results

Peskov rated the election results positively. According to him, the task of United Russia was to confirm its position as a leader, and he succeeded.

“Competitiveness, openness and fairness in the last elections were and remain the most important for the president, and in this regard we evaluate the electoral process very positively,” Peskov said.

Elections were held in Russia on September 17-19. The population elects members of the State Duma, the highest representatives of 12 subjects of the country and members of the legislative bodies of 39 entities of the Russian Federation. In addition, by-elections were held for the Duma in Moscow.

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