January 29, 2022

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Efficiency of online shopping: Do you have a better system or more employees?

Most of the online stores are experiencing an onslaught at the moment. If you are the owner of such a business, you may be going through golden times, but if it grows over your head, it can have a negative impact on your business.

An increase in demand means an increase in orders received. So either you gain a lot of new satisfied customers or you lose a lot of them, precisely because of not being able to process all the orders on time. It’s important to know from the start what you can expect, and if so, what your options are.

We cannot predict the future, but can prepare for it using appropriate software solutions and techniques. Many entrepreneurs are discouraged from this idea by increasing the initial investment. You may pay more at first, but in the long run There is less riskTo get into difficult situations into unsolvable. And the experience of real users of these systems shows that over time, this is the case The investment will return anyway.

When is it time to start searching for a system

So try to write first your needs. What processes do you have on edge, what works well for you, where do you expect growth etc. After this analysis, you will find some important points that will show you the programs that may be useful to you in your work on the Internet. It’s a good thing you get to this task on time, because to the point where you can’t process orders, you make mistakes, customers get angry, salespeople go to ineffective meetings and the HR department is filled with Excel spreadsheets, which is literally the deciding factor of twelve o’clock. The time to involve smart software in your business is when you feel like you’re growing, you start to feel time pressure, and you need to give your operations clear rules.

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Don’t be afraid of the news

Do you have many employees and it’s time to automate human resource management? Do you lack automation in the entire purchasing process from receiving the order to delivering the package to the courier? Or, on the contrary, do you have very specific types of services that require an individual approach to each client? Everything that limits you should be eliminated immediately. Fortunately, today’s technology market offers many options that can hold you back and solve almost any problem. HR systems, ERP or CRM will become your right hand, and while you might not think so now, you wouldn’t be able to imagine your business without them. Solitya Company It has a solution for effective communication of information from electronic stores, employees and tasks performed, in short, connecting your company together.

It’s not just about supporting your business online or offline. These systems relieve you from your daily routine activities. They will show you accurate information based on honestly collected data, which will help you make more decisions, rid you of the error rate that usually occurs when working, and move forward with miles. Don’t be afraid of concepts like machine learning or artificial intelligence. They are helpful and forget about science fiction movies how they took over the planet. Now you need to control your operations, first of all enough for your business and your profits.

Source: Solitia

Do not pay another employee

When preparing invoices, inventory records, or just processing or matching orders, you will stop managing all of this if your requirements for goods in your online store increase dramatically. how to check Whether the goods are still in stockIf you have to do it manually for multiple commands? There will be misunderstandings and complaints, enthusiastic customers will expect their goods, but you no longer have to keep them in stock, etc. It will logically follow that the team needs to be strengthened, but this requires the allocation of labor costs, which will be repeated every month. What if, instead, you only paid one time for a system that could handle what the new employee would contain. Digitization is basically a necessity and one day this step will be waiting for you one way or another.

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Everything can be connected

As a result, it is desirable to have a system in which you can monitor the state of your business. both on the page Orders and fulfillment In addition to higher efficiency in the form of a direct tool for selected departments, such as warehouse keepers. Those who connect with the mobile application will get new opportunities to find merchandise faster. All this and more will be covered by the ERP system.

Enterprise Resource Planning System At the same time it manages the lifecycle of documents such as orders, invoices, advance invoices, income or expenses. It evaluates the products sold well but also the worst and also warns you about poorly defined margin.

Such as CRM system In return, the system gives you the ability to manage customer access, orders and find new opportunities. It will be especially appreciated by the sales team, who need to maintain a good relationship with the customer and always have an updated overview of everything that is happening around them. It will also help you plan your campaigns, better target and take care of your customers. For example, your employees will not call some customers excessively and at the same time do not forget about others. Not to mention that their high-quality CRM systems run in the cloud, so you can also use their mobile apps, which means merchants will be able to access all the data from anywhere in the industry. Not to mention, they also know how to share meeting data with other team members almost instantly, so key follow-up tasks aren’t up in the air.

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When choosing the right systems, take into account their functionality, their accessibility from almost anywhere, but most importantly their potential interoperability. Connecting systems will make other operations easier. In addition, you get a strong base of important data that will be interconnected. Many systems offer detailed reports that give you an accurate view of how your business is doing, which products sell best, where you’re losing, where you’re winning, whether your salespeople are effective and much more. Additionally, you can Speed ​​up order fulfillmentVisit more clients, double profits, and relax HR management thanks to the automatic inclusion of new legislation. You have the options open.

SolityaSource: Solitia

your company

It is clear that the online store can be operated in different ways and methods. You can’t say you have a bad system. The question is rather whether the system will be good even if market conditions change. Increase in orders or failure of strategic suppliers are just some of the potential factors and risk scenarios. As a result, there are a number of other factors that make it worth considering the need for an ERP or CRM system. Whether you need help with billing, bookkeeping, or comprehensive company management, you can use the tools and knowledge a company Solitya.