January 16, 2022

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Efčovič asks Brexit issues in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Efčovič asks Brexit issues in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Brussels, September 7 (TASR) – Moroz Sepovich, Vice President of the European Commission for Interstitutional Relations and Strategic Perspectives, flew to Dublin to hear the issues of the Irish and Northern Irish delegates on the effects of Brexit. His first political visit to the British province of Northern Ireland awaits him on Thursday and Friday.

Sephovich, who is in charge of post-negotiation with the EU executive in London, recalled that the development of EU-UK relations has been greatly marked by the implementation of the protocol in Ireland and Northern Ireland, which are part of the Brexit agreement. , Can solve.

Since the agreement came into force, there have been problems with its proper application. Since Northern Ireland is part of the EU’s single market, this raises many questions about how we have a protected public market. This is causing problems in Northern Ireland and, in some cases, leading to political tensions,“The situation is described by the European Commissioner for Slovak.

In late June, Sephovich agreed with the British to extend the withdrawal period for tariff restrictions and methods on frozen meat from Britain to Northern Ireland until the end of September this year. The so-called “Sausage war“However, London has already announced plans to extend this withdrawal period.

“That’s why we are negotiating how to mitigate the impact of Brexit, so that the British government can get out of the chosen customs union and find practical solutions to the daily problems mainly faced by traders. Supermarkets and farmers in Northern Ireland.” He explained.

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In June, the British presented a comprehensive overview of how to deal with these issues, but according to an EU official, “They went a long way“.

For this reason, too, I travel to Dublin, where I will hold talks with the Prime Minister of Ireland, Michael Martin, on the latest developments in Ireland. The Irish directly express how the protocol works in practice,“he said.

In Northern Ireland, he will meet with the Prime Minister, political party representatives, representatives of all provincial communities, businessmen, civil society and Belfast Royal University students on Thursday.

Following these discussions, I hope that the European Commission will be able to better assess what the real problems are that need to be addressed in order to eliminate day-to-day problems.Sephovich said.

Before moving to Dublin, he contacted his post-British post-negotiable partner, David Frost. By the end of September, they had explored all the issues and dedicated themselves to agreeing on the way forward.

Sephovich says the Brexit agreement and the reopening of ethics on Ireland and Northern Ireland are not on the agenda, which is the view of all EU companies and member states.

We think a country like the United Kingdom should think about its reputation and the importance of complying with international agreements. I hope this goes far beyond what is considered a traditional British pragmatic approach – so we are really focused on issues that are bothering the people of Northern Ireland, but have not opened new agreements,He said at the end of the interview.

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