January 29, 2022

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ECOC 2026 will be Trenchin. Al Baraka expects hundreds of thousands of tourists – SMEs

Trencin will be the European Capital of Culture in 2026.

Trinon. The European Capital of Culture (ECOC) 2026 will be the regional city of Trenčín with the Finnish city of Oulu.

The international panel of experts evaluated the three Slovak finalists – Nitri, Jelena and Trenchen, best project in the latter. Richard Rybinchik He sees winning the title as the fulfillment of several years of dreams and a small miracle.

He believes that thanks to him, Trenčín will become a modern European city, to which especially young Slovaks who left their homeland in the past will return. “So that they can find happiness, respect and humility here,” stressed the mayor of Trenchen.

They have worked with thousands of people

It took about two years for Trenčín’s organizational team to prepare the winning project. According to the mayor, the ECOC project is another article in the mosaic of the city’s transformation, which began 11 years ago.

“The title gives us the opportunity to accelerate planned change and prove that our city and our region have tremendous potential to become modern, open and European. I am very proud of the team of people I have trusted from the start, and their support. They are so helpful, talented, selfless, wonderful,” said Rybnicek.

Trenčín 2026 Project Manager Lucia Dubacová stated that the whole process was very demanding, at the same time highlighting strong competitors in the form of Nitra and Zilina.

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“All the effort was worth making Trenčín a completely different city. We’ve won for everyone in Trenčín, as well as the entire region. We’ve worked with thousands of people, and it has been challenging but beautiful.”

In addition to the mayors of 17 cities in the Trenčín region, the city of Zlín and the Zlín region, Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín, the city of Trenčianske Teplice and the Trenín Autonomous Region have expressed their support for the city of Trenčín and the Trenčín 2026 organizational team. Its president, Jaroslav Baška, was among the first to offer congratulations.

“Since announcing the candidacy, we have been able to do a tremendous amount of work, but the toughest has just begun. We have been and remain a proud partner of Trenčín on the full road to winning the title, so we have also announced cooperation in facing the challenges that come with it. I am glad that the whole region has already come together For a good cause. With such broad support and amazing cooperation between local governments, it probably couldn’t have turned out otherwise,” said Mayor Trenchen.

They rely on the use of the old railway bridge

The first step for Trenčians next year will be the creation of the non-profit organization Creative Institute Trenčín, which will implement the entire project. They will then announce a competition for the director of the nonprofit, as well as for the artistic director.

The team will constantly continue the projects, many of which started before December 10, 2021. These are, for example, the Trenčín si ty project or the Fiesta Bridge.

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“This is a project that should transform the old railway bridge into a new center of contemporary culture, in which space will be given to local artists, as well as artists from Slovakia, as well as international artists in various multidisciplinary performances and exhibitions. We have also brought to light On this project before the jury.

Another major project is City remaging, where they deal with visible smog and public space.

“Here we have confirmed great names such as Superflex, a Danish multidisciplinary art group, or Sound of Democracy, a project we developed with the Pohoda Festival. We will be looking at great names from European countries, but also from countries that may still face great names,” added Korikova. problem with appropriate support for democratic values.

Project Director Lenka Dubacová also indicated that the events and projects will not only be related to the year 2026.

“Implementation starts mainly from the first day, and the projects will come out gradually. Of course, the closer we get to 2026, more events, exhibitions and events will come. The year 2026 will be very rich, and all kinds of arts and arts will be represented in the program,” Dubachova added, adding that the space You will also receive food, fashion, or a current topic. climate crisis.

The mayor expects hundreds of thousands of tourists

Winning the prestigious title will not only bring different forms of culture, art and ideas to Trencin, but also attract many tourists to the provincial town. According to Richard Rybinchik, there will be record numbers of them.

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“We expect that in a certain year, but until then, not tens but hundreds of thousands of tourists will come here. And we must be prepared for that. In the end, I am convinced that from now on we will talk in a completely different way with the Ministry of Culture, with Europe, With the artists. Therefore, we will have to work hard to make the city more visible through other projects that we have prepared through the Hviezda Cultural and Creative Center,” added the Trenchen Mayor.