January 27, 2022

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Eastern Slovakia as a place for responsible business

Eastern Slovakia as a place for responsible business

Companies are now taking the impacts of their business on society, the region and the environment more responsibly. Corporate behavior is also subject to more scrutiny by the public and employees. Meaning and sustainability are also critical factors when deciding on a career focus for young talent. Open communication, transparency, and data-driven decision making are prerequisites for a well-functioning local government. To ensure the transformation of Eastern Slovakia’s economy with a greater focus on creating innovations and business growth, the active cooperation of private companies, start-ups, universities, the civil sector and local government is needed. European investments from the Recovery and Resilience Plan as well as the RIS3 plan should also help.

Experts discussed highly relevant issues of responsible management, corporate responsibility to society, future generations, and social aspects of the impact of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence technologies.

Discussions took place digitally at the 4th East Innovation Conference 2021, which took place on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 in Kosice with the subtitle. work responsibility, The register is freely available on the Chamber’s website. The event was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic, which has long sought to support the innovative ecosystem in the eastern region and connect its actors. The event was held under the auspices of the European Commission (EC) Representation in Slovakia and in cooperation with Creative Industry Košice (CIKE) as part of the unique Art & Tech Days festival.

Sustainability and Responsible Management

According to the Minister of State in the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatics of the Slovak Republic, Dusan Velic The Ministry and Government of the Slovak Republic understand the importance of innovation. “Science, Technology and Innovation Ceiling Authority – The Government Council for Science, Technology and Innovation will soon be under the supervision of the Government Office, and innovation will become the Prime Minister’s issue. At the same time, the ministry was a co-creator of the so-called Research and Innovation Strategy for Intelligent Specialization (RIS3), through which it is scheduled to invest about $2 billion in the 2021-2027 programming period. EUR for universities and sciences as well as the RRF Recovery and Resilience Scheme, where 600 million. Excellent research and innovation.

Mayor of Bratislava, this year’s award winner World Mayor Future Award Mathis Valu She considers it important to be a role model and thus gain the trust of the townspeople. “Our values ​​are very clear: complete transparency in decision-making and actions to the extent possible, decision-making based on data, quality of people, and strong Bratislava – a city that can defend and set quality standards.”

from experience Barbora Rosikova, director of the PKO in Prešov, follows that “Responsible leadership is driven by the personal integrity and values ​​of the leader, underpinned by the immediate environment, particularly closest colleagues, and the external environment that shapes and shapes the leader.”

Anna Greta is getting hotThe head of the Estonian forest company Timbeter has revolutionized the timber industry and at the same time has become an example of how to lead the company responsibly and transparently. “Digital solutions allow for greater transparency and traceability, making it possible to fight corruption. To make the sector more transparent, both the public and private sectors need to find a common understanding of new digital ways of doing things. In Timbeter’s case, digital micro-information enables transparency and traceability in Throughout the supply chain. Accurate information also allows for better monitoring and reduces corporate administrative burdens related to reporting activities. Data in digital format can also be easily used for cross-functional purposes: to prevent illegal logging and for tax authorities to detect potential tax fraud.”

Responsibility for the future of KOŠICE TECH

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Despite being a small country, Estonia is a leader in innovation in e-services and has the largest number of technology startups per capita in the world. It can be a great inspiration for Kosice and the eastern region of Slovakia.

according to Revo AntonaFounder of Estonian Civitta and co-founder of United Angels VC, the tech startup sector in Estonia is growing at a rate of 20-30% per year. “The key factors in building a strong innovation ecosystem are building good relationships, patience, impartiality, diversity within the team and the ability to learn from past mistakes.”

Andreas Trolls, The director of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia encourages start-ups in eastern Slovakia to collaborate with foreign companies in the region. “We see good ideas to market, we can help promote and we can bring them together to the market.”

The impact of automation and digitalization on the future of the workforce

The traditional industry associated with the city can also be a hub for innovation. Guraj Sabol, director of overall strategy for US Steel Košice offered the perspective of the largest steel producer in Central Europe. “Modern technologies are very important to us at US Steel Košice. Recently, we have mainly focused on data science and the use of artificial intelligence in steel production. Our vision is for models based on artificial intelligence or machine learning to help our employees make decisions based on the data they generate our devices.”

According to OECD surveys, Slovakia is far behind in terms of investing in employee training compared to digital leaders like Estonia or Finland. According to the sociologist and educator Michel Vasenka The pressure on employee training is not strong enough. “Unfortunately, Slovakia focuses on the development of physical infrastructure as part of its modernization, but in the 21st century there is also a need for development and investment in human capital. Unfortunately, we do not think enough about this in our country.”

The conference was supported by US Steel Košice, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia, CEMM THOME SK, ASO Vending, IT Valley Košice, Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Košice Regional Chamber and UVP TECHNICOM.

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