October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Earth’s magnetic field is deviating more and more. what does that mean?

The Earth’s magnetic field is changing. The magnetic north pole moves from the Canadian Arctic to Siberia.

The Earth’s magnetic field is important in many ways. According to him, ships, aircraft, as well as migratory birds, etc., are oriented. It is of great importance to man and all living things, as it forms a protective shield against high-energy cosmic radiation.

In a new study in the journal Astronomy, researchers report that the magnetic north pole is shifting and moving more and more from the Canadian North Pole toward Siberia.

Scientists also say that rThe turning speed of the Arctic increased to 48 kilometers per year. Many scientists believe that the process of polarity reversal has already begun on our planet.

The pole changed in the past

This process is likely not the first magnetic polar reversal on our planet. According to scientists, the Earth has changed its magnetic poles at least ten times in the last 2.6 million years, and the last change was about 780 thousand years ago.

Reversing the Earth’s polarity is a complex process, but it is gradual and takes several tens to hundreds of years.

In it, the structure of the poles gradually changes, and for a while more poles are formed on the Earth until the reversal process is completed.

What threatens us?

There are many risks to humans in the process of the Earth. One of the main threats is that during a magnetic polarity reversal, Earth’s protection against charged particles from the sun and cosmic rays is weakened.

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The long-term consequences of this process can also be disruptions in the transmission of television and telephone signals via satellite.